Jack Frost


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Discography Information

1990 Jack Frost

Grant McLennan (vox, guitars, bass)
Steve Kilbey (vox, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums)
Pryce Surplice (drums, computers, fairlight cmi)

special guests
Cypress Pike (1st violin)
Beau Laurel (2nd violin)
Bridgette StCoeur (viola)
Nadia Komoroski (cello)
Tsen Xu (oboe)
Jim Black (trumpet)
Trini Garcia (percussion)
Karin Jansson (backing vox)


4:38 every hour god sends
4:15 birdowner (as seen on t.v.)
2:27 civil war lament
4:07 geneva 4 a.m.
1:32 trapeze boy
5:10 providence
4:50 thought that i was over you
4:21 threshold
5:45 number eleven
5:06 didn't know where i was
5:41 even as we speak*
6:10 ramble
4:40 everything takes forever

* only on cd edition

LP Polydor/Red Eye Records 847 548-1 (Australia)
LP Arista 211354 (Germany)
LP Arista 211354 (Holland)
LP Arista A1-8867 (USA)
CD Arista ARCD-8867 (USA)
CD BMG Ariola 261354 (Germany)
CD BVCA 109 (Japan)

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Sound Bytes

A remix of Threshold was included on the single of Thought That I Was Over You.

Key Interviews

Here is the definitive interview of the first Jack Frost release.

Singles Released


Every Hour God Sends
Even as We Speak
Jack's Dream

7" Polydor/Red Eye Records 879 262-7 (Australia)

Thought That I Was Over You
Dub Threshold (Nightmare Mix)
Jack's Dream*

*on CD5 only
7" Polydor/Red Eye Records 879 856-7 (Australia)
CD5 Red Eye Records 879 857-2 (Australia)

Other Material Released

Other Notes

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