In Reflection

Marty Willson Piper

In Reflection album cover - 10K
Marty's first album was the last to be released on CD. It contains a wealth of insight into the process of writing and recording an album, as provided by the booklet Marty included. Many of these songs were included on the CD version of Art Attack, Marty's second album.

Discography Information

* denotes a song included on the CD release of Art Attack. "Volumes" was re-recorded by The Church for the Remote Luxury album.


          Marty Willson-Piper (Instruments, Voices)

          Andy Mason (Harmony Vocals on "I Know I Won't, "Art on the Run",

             "Night is Over" and "Winter Splinter Bay", "Volumes"

              Bass on "Winter Splinter Bay")

          Ann Carlberger (Harmony Vocals on "The Lantern")

  LP Chase Records 451038-1 (Australia) Inner Sleeve and Booklet

         Booklet describes the recording techniques used.

Sound Bytes

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