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Heyday album cover

Album Credits

Steven Kilbey - vocals, bass guitar
Peter Koppes - guitars, backing vocals, lead vocals on "As You Will"
Richard Ploog - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Marty Willson-Piper - guitars, backing vocals (lead vocals on The View)

Produced and engineered by Peter Walsh
Additional engineering by Guy 'De Vox' Gray
Strings and horns arranged by S.K (Night of Light, Youth Worshipper) and Peter Walsh (Night of Light, Happy Hunting Ground).
Orchestrated by Tony Ansell.
1st Violin Philip Hartl.
Keyboards by Rick Chadwick (Courtesy C.B.S Records)
Choir (Already Yesterday) was Mark Williams, Mark Punch, Shauna Jensen, Maggie McKinney.
Sound Effects by Leon.
Photography by Wendy McDougall.
Cover Concept by Tony Forbes (A.D.)
Mastered by Don Bartley
Pre-production at White Room Studioes (Thanks John!).
Thanks to all at EMI Studioes, Sue, Juill, George Nazar (for the rugs).
And of course K.J. Dipper.

Recorded at EMI Studios 301, Sydney, Winter/Spring '85.

Track List

  1. Myrrh
  2. Tristesse
  3. Already Yesterday
  4. Columbus
  5. Happy Hunting Ground
  6. As You Will *
  7. Tantalized
  8. Disenchanted
  9. Night Of Light
  10. Youth Worshipper
  11. Roman
  12. The View *

* = song not included on LP and some CD issues.

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Other Notes

The shirts worn by Marty, Richard and Peter on the cover of this album have all been sold to fans and collectors. A picture of Richard's and Peter's shirts is available.

The LP edition of Heyday has a message carved into the inner groove. Side A says "I thought it was tobacco they were smokin'" while Side B says "Young English knob twiddler gets the Bondi Boys"

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