Hanging Out In Heaven

Marty Willson-Piper

Track List

  1. Forget The Radio
  2. Swan
  3. Wondering
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Waves Towards The Moon
  6. Goodbye
  7. I Don't Think So
  8. Watching Us
  9. You Bring Your Love To Me
  10. After Eight
  11. All Those Wires
  12. 1929 Vintage Wine
  13. Wreck (A Sea Shanty)
  14. What Is Her Name
  15. All That Remains

Where Can I Get This Album ?

You can order it from Heyday Records

The Whole Story, In Reverse

OK, now it's January 2000 ! This was seen on a 4 X 5 card at the promotional stand during The Church's 1999 USA tour.

Heyday Records proudly announces...Marty Willson-Piper "Hanging Out In Heaven." The long awaited CD from the guitarist of The Church. 15 songs featuring "Forget the Radio," "Swan," and "Wondering." Available in stores and on-line this January. For more info or to reserve a copy please phone or fax Heyday Records. Or simply visit us on the web: www.heyday.com. Heyday Records, PMB #335 1288 Columbus Ave, San Francisco CA 94133. Ph: 415 602 2863. Fax: 415 898 5598. e-mail: heyday@heyday.com

The latest release date for this around October 1999. This comes from the website of Heyday, who are releasing the album. Marty

November 10th 1998
Marty told me that the album will be out in March 1999, although it's not quite finished. Ideally he'd like to remix some of the tracks, but because the songs are now so old (4 years) he's lost the feel for them and says they're not really valid to him any more - a very understandable position.

29th July 1998
It's ON ! Marty has got a record deal and publishing deal (I don't know the difference myself :-) !) and this album will be released on January 1st 1999. Congratulations Marty !!

1st Jan 1998
Marty told me that guy who has the master tapes has shown up again, so things are back on track.

October 19th 1997
This album has been in the works a long time. I'll dig through my old emails and try and find some earlier references. For now though here's a summary :

Marty recorded this album with the engineer from the Starfish album (name escapes me...Shep Lonsdale ? Not Greg Ladanyi - the other one.) and played one song from it during the acoustic-duo tour he and Steve did in Australia in August 1995 (if memory serves...). For a while the album was to be called Mechanical Ballerina, but the original title was reinstated.

I remember that Marty said, sometime last year, that he was looking for a label to release it on, and then that the Starfish engineer-bloke was launching his own label and the album would come out on that. It didn't happen. The current situation, and you might not believe this, is that Marty has been trying to get in touch with this engineer-bloke and get things moving again, but he can't find him !. I'm assuming that this guy has the master tapes too, so things are in a strange state at the moment.

I also recall asking Marty a question via email about the delay between recording an album and its eventual release, which is the point at which you'll have to promote it. Since this period can be quite lengthy I wondered whether one's opinion on an album can change in that time - you might not be too crazy about singing a love song you wrote for a person who is now your ex-girlfriend !

Well, whatever his thoughts were at that time, things must be much more exaggerated now, since two years have passed with the album Languishing In Limbo, instead of Hanging Out In Heaven !

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