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Press Release

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Aside from the multiple exclamation marks at the end, which Terry Pratchett describes as "the sure sign of a sick mind", it's a good description of the album.

Track List

All tracks by Steve and Russell Kilbey unless noted otherwise...
  1. Gilt Trip (5.05)
  2. The Onset (3.08) (by Russell Kilbey)
  3. Tragic Mandarin Love Story (4.29) (by Steve Kilbey and Linda Neil)
  4. Eyes Smeared With The Ointment Of Love (5.39)
  5. Neither Sun, Nor Moon, Nor Electricity (4.27)
  6. Darkness And Gardens of Steel (10.37)
  7. Dress Circle Seats For Creation (4.39)
  8. Blowing Through The Mansion of a 1930s Film Star (9.31)
  9. Happy Endings (4.47)

Total running time is 52:25. Album is catalogued as VSC004.

Where Can I Get This Album ?

Greg's Music World - tell them I sent you !

I'm told that Siren CD are selling both N+ and Gilt Trip for $US 19.99 each.

Dean mentioned that...

If anybody in the US doesn't have N+ or Gilt Trip, I know a couple of record stores that are now carring them. It's seems the dist. "Smash" is selling them to record stores here. I'm in Oregon. They would be very easy to order and I know both the record stores are good ones.

Sound Bytes

Gilt Trip
Dress Circle Seats For Creation
Eyes Smeared With The Ointment Of Love
Blowing Through The Mansion... - It's a ten minute track with many different textures throughout. This has been one of them.
Tragic Mandarin Love Story

Early Quick and Dirty Reviews

These are lifted straight from the Church mailing list, Seance.

Michael Bromley
Now that i have had a little (ie lot) of time to listen to Gilt Trip, i think that the music is fantastic. Once again the depth and intricacy of the layers and layers of subtle instruments is the most strinking effect. Some of the songs conjure up images of a bladerunneresque techno slanted world, whilst others purvey a dark and disturbing gothic world (with a similar effect to Trent Reznor's ambient efforts on the 'Quake gametrack')...and of course others defy a simple image to pidgeon-hole them into, shifting and altering along with the listeners change of moods.

Ahhh, if only all music was as wonderful as this.


i've been completely submerged in GILT TRIP for a week now,..only sporadically rising to the surface of the delicious darkness to draw in a deep breath of air and inhale an occasional oatmeal cookie or batch of fresh fungus-laced pasta.............

Matt Green
gilt trip is something entirely different, and something entirely wonderful. if any of you had thought "ambient? no thanks.", well, think again ... i wouldn't describe it as particularly ambient .. too much rhythm through out the entire thing... however, i don't have a better word to describe what it's like. "get it." will have to suffice for now

David Rundle
gilt trip- save best for last!!!!! its dark bloody dark in here and imscared of the ghosts blowing through the mansion of a 1930's film star. on on my second straight listen. music has just entered a new dimension.

listen to these track names
gilt trip the onset tragic mandarin love story eyes smeared with the ointment of love neither sun,nor moon,nor electricity

darkness and gardens of steel dress circle seats for creation happy endings

to all you overseas people i am truly sorry you have to wait an extra couple of days.

when will these guys get what they deserve??? it has to happen you can't just keep churning out classics like this and not get noticed.

regards david rundle

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