Gold Afternoon Fix


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This album is very much in the same vein as Starfish, recorded in L.A and produced by Waddy Wachtel.

Discography Information

1990 Gold Afternoon Fix

Steve Kilbey (Vocals, Bass, Keyboards)
Marty Willson-Piper (Guitar, Lead Vocal on "Russian Autumn Heart")
Peter Koppes (Guitar, Lead Vocal on "Transient")
Richard Ploog (Drums)

3:54 Pharoah
4:44 Metropolis
5:10 Terra Nova Cain
3:22 City
2:46 Monday Morning *
4:06 Russian Autumn Heart
5:14 Essence
3:07 You're Still Beautiful
6:10 Disappointment
4:22 Transient
4:35 Laughing *
3:40 Fading Away
6:07 Grind


1990 Metropolis (Acoustic)

Grind (Acoustic Version)
Metropolis (Acoustic Version)

12" Mushroom Records X 14766/B Ltd Edition (Australia)

1990 Metropolis

4:44 Metropolis
2:46 Monday Morning
3:53 Much Too Much

12" Arista 613 086 (UK)

1990 Russian Autumn Heart

4:07 Russian Autumn Heart
4:23 Hunter
4:49 The Feast
2:47 Desert
4:26 Ride Into the Sunset

CD5 Arista ASCD-2068

Other Material Released

1990 Terra Nova Cain

5:10 Terra Nova Cain
4:08 Take It Back
5:35 Grind (Acoustic Version)

12" Arista ADP-2036 (USA, Promo Only)

1990 You're Still Beautiful

3:08 You're Still Beautiful

CD5 Arista, ASCD-2042 (USA, Promo Only)

1990 Megalopolis

4:44 Metropolis
2:44 Monday Morning
3:50 Much Too Much

(Should have called this the "M" single !)

CD5 Arista, ASC-9944 Promo Only

A special boxed release was created containing the album and the Megalopolis CD5. The English edition of this promo item also contained a G.A.F watch !
There are three different t-shirt designs available

Sound Bytes

Metropolis was the first single and got a lot of radio airplay around the world.
Grind is a favourite song of many Church fans. Steve and Marty performed this regularly during the recent acoustic tours.
Laughing illustrates how The Church layers its distinctive guitar sound.
You're Still Beautiful The second single from this album, this song is about (dare I guess) a publicity-seeking has-been on her (?) way down. I like the video for this one too.

Key Interviews

Musician (Sept 90) had this great interview in which the band explain why they don't want people to know about them. Tough luck, guys ! :)
Request got a good all-round summary kind of interview with Steve

Other Notes

Metropolis spent some time in the Australian charts.

Marty kindly wrote a short note describing what led him to write Russian Autumn Heart.

When I look at it ,it's probably a slightly anti materialism/pro aesthetic pursuit theme.When I was working in LA with Brix Smith,she was living in Sue Hoff's Brothers guest house.His wife is Russian.She was reading one day in the back garden.She seemed incongruous in this warm sun-soaked Californian paradise setting.I made a comment to her about the book she was reading as I think it was something Russian that I'd read too.

She was so happy to discuss literature with somebody as she felt that people she had met never read 'Great' novels where in Russia everybody with an education would gorge themselves on these works of art like Americans would hamburgers or more to the point Jackie Collins.So there was a slight anti American sentiment or at least an anti materialistic philosophy manifested in the intrinsic nature of what's important to the average American as against the average Russian.

Still I didn't have a problem with American values when they bought our records by the truckload!

I'm pretty sure the record was never released in Russia ! I'd just like to add that although certain aspects of what I was trying toget across maybe true ,that since the Iron Curtain was raised the Eastern Europeans seem to have gorged themselves lasciviously on Western goods and food.Whereas there are lots of us who on this side of the imaginary line, are sick of additives , plastic chairs and cd's who are ravenously searching for real carrot juice, walnut dashboards and the LP record.

This was drummer Richard Ploog's last album with The Church. In fact, a drum machine was used on much of the album due to various difficulties with Richard. He was replaced by Jay Dee Daugherty who appeared in the videos that were shot for this album: Metropolis and You're Still Beautiful.
Grind is Margot Smith's favourite Church song. Margot is the singer from Melbourne who has worked with Steve in the past and who's first album, Sleeping With The Lion is well worth tracking down.

The pictures on the cover of the album, the t-shirt and the poster all contain one of the band members, but in two places. There's the main head, of course, and they're also somewhere else in the strip. I can't see them myself but many people are sure they've seen them.

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