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Discography Information

1994 Fake

No personnel information given in sleeve, but accordingto various sources at least these three are invloved.
Steve Kilbey
Sandy Chick
Boris Goudenof


0:30 Fanfare
5:23 Everything is Fake
3:55 Back of My Mind
4:21 I Cannot Feel You
2:17 Air
4:27 F Outa Fake
1:52 Never Gone Away
4:12 Bring Me Down
3:34 Nympho
4:14 Bride of Jesus
4:05 Desert Song
4:39 You Gotta Get It Somehow
2:34 Fakin' It
6:54 I'm Sorry Mrs Hunt There's Been An Accident At The Plant
6:28 Thank You
0:38 Farewell

Fake Symphony (limited edition bonus CD)

11:15 Untitled 1
0:17 Untitled 2
8:14 Untitled 3
1:08 Untitled 4
7:05 Untitled 5
2:08 Untitled 6
6:33 Untitled 7
2:05 Untitled 8
4:41 Untitled 9
2:41 Untitled 10
3:48 Untitled 11
2:58 Untitled 12
3:26 Untitled 13
3:42 Untitled 14

These tracks are all ambient instrumentals.

CD Mushroom D31256 (Australia)

Sound Bytes

The Desert Song is a pulsing Eastern-sounding piece with a terrific "wailing" vocal line running through it.

Nympho...."and she don't care."

I Cannot Feel You is quite representative of the whole album.

Key Interviews

Singles Released


3:28 Back Of My Mind (edit)
3:31 Nympho
4:05 I Cannot Feel You
15:14 Untitled One

CD5 Mushroom D11863 (Australia)

Where Can I Get This Album ?

Greg's Music World - tell them I sent you !

Other Material Released

A video of "Back of My Mind" was released featuring a cross dresser / drag queen called Lady Bump miming the vocals.

Other Notes

There was a lot of secrecy about the identities of those who played on this album. This was probably due to contractual spaghetti and other dull legal issues.
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