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Dare Mason, who produced "Sometime Anywhere" and Marty's solo albums, has just released his own album, entitled "Dive". Based around four slowly evolving pieces and lasting over 40 minutes, this is Dare's exploration into heavily textured ambient mood music. The album received a very positive review from Daniel Perret in Kindred Spirit magazine. (..."sincere, beautiful and very expressive..") and Marty and Steve are both big fans.


  1. Dive (12:09)
  2. Cave Of Light (8:57)
  3. Ascend (7:51)
  4. Golden Halls (12:15)


Dare Mason - produced, wrote and performed all tracks
Michelle Gras - vocals on Golden Halls
Shimara - vocal sample on Ascend
Alcazar - inspiration on first track
Matthew Suanders [sic] - advice and encouragment

Cover painting by Amanda Bell

Liner Notes

This text was printed in the CD sleeve.
Picture of Dare from Art Attack CD .....into the deep dark water.....dive.....deeper and deeper.....into the space where only feeling exists.....the ghosts are waiting.....unforgotten, unforgiven.....the melody that always haunted you.....listen a while to your beautiful songs of sorrow....listen.....listen.....listen........

.....at the centre, at the core,where only truth exists.....in the stillness of the cave of light......in the void where the self cannot exists, you become the observer.....witness the motion of your breath.....life is an inspiration.....from behind closed eyes, sense the darkness slowly fading.....fading.....fading.....

....everything begins to expand.....your body is becoming lighter and lighter.....your mind is free to rise to ecstatic realms.....higher and higher......the frequency of being increases as you ascend.....higher and higher....into the light, where only love exists.....higher and higher.....higher and higher.....higher and higher.....

....in peace, blissful peace,rest a while....in the golden halls of the soul, sun and moon, brother and sister, you and I, all are one..... and the universe is a love song.....in the distance you hear the sound of water lapping on the shore.....it is calling.....

Sound Bytes

As ever, these are in Real Audio format. A short sample can't present all the different themes used in each track. Each of these comes from four or five minutes into their respective tracks, usually following a long, soothing, ambient-type intro.

Cave Of Light
Golden Halls

If you would like a copy of "Dive" please write to Dare Mason, 100A Oaklands Grove, London, England, W12 OJB. enclosing 12.50 pounds sterling or 10.50 pounds sterling for the cassette. If you don't have access to English currency then the best option is an International Reply Coupon (I think that's the name....) which your local post office should be able to tell you about. If that's not possible then the equivalent in US dollars is also accepted.


24th June 1997 - Dare Mason is currently recording his next album, which I'm told is "more guitar based", so keep your eyes and ears open for that one.
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