Box of Birds

This is an album of covers, songs by other bands that The Church wanted to record. The track list has been changed since this page went up and it now looks like this

  1. the faith healer/ alex harvey
  2. it's all too much/- george harrison
  3. hiroshima mon amour/ ultra vox (john fox)
  4. the porpoise song/ recorded by monkees
  5. decadence/ kevin ayers
  6. the endless sea/ iggy pop
  7. friction / television-t.verlaine
  8. all the young dudes/- mott the hoople
  9. silver machine/- hawkwind
  10. cortez the killer/-neil young

Tim Powles has sent out the following press release.

a box of birds ..........

this collection of songs, all favourites and some influential in the church band circle, came to life in haphazard fashion, never being planned to be of full album length, or for mainstream release..........

whilst touring USA in Sept 1998 we were falling into occasional bits and pieces of other peoples songs , at soundchecks..............some that the band had played live earlier on, some that were just fragments and guesses at personal the time we got to the Australian leg of the tour one of these "jams".....Silver machine....originally by Hawkwind, threatened to appear fully fledged in the encore......and in fact was forced onto the set list one night when half of us just started it, forcing the next bit of the story....we thought we'd record it in Steve's studio as we passed through Sydney, and release it with another song........through the fanzine, mail-order we tracked quick versions of "All the young dudes" and "Silver machine" to 24 trk.......intending to mix them early 1999 and release some time after..................but.........little did we know then that the planned mainstream release of our own "live 1997" Metro, Sydney cd would not eventuate.....we all felt that an officially "sanctioned by the band" live cd should surpass any bootlegs and other great live albums we know and a lack of more recent material on the live tapes, and after much discussion with our label Cooking Vinyl, we decided to "expand " our 2 track single into a full 10 track album.......collecting songs from willing donors by cassette and courier from all over, and spending inspired hours listening through Marty's massive vinyl collection as we were already ensconsed in his Ladbroke Grove studio flat, writing for our own 2000 cd release, the follow up to Hologram of Baal..................

So from careless and reckless jamming to a serious collection of respected songs from the 60's, 70's and.......yes 80's box of birds is a unique listen in it's content and it's inception..............

I wonder what's happening to the remaining two songs from Hologram of Baal now that the originally planned fanzine release has turned into this album ?


July 16 1999 - Martin Krall


At the end of "All too Much" Marty can be heard yelling something: 3 words, last one is "sucks". I asked what people thought it was - here's the list.

Isn't lyric geeking fun ?

The Artwork

The following eight images will all be included on a gatefold insert - you can choose whichever cover you want :) The submission process was all done through Shadow Cabinet !

west2s.jpg - 7134 Bytes svens.jpg - 7187 Bytes such1s.jpg - 3497 Bytes rockarts.jpg - 5093 Bytes egypts.jpg - 4025 Bytes apcover2s.jpg - 6889 Bytes westovers.jpg - 3776 Bytes colour2s.jpg - 6689 Bytes

These are the other images that were sent in. Many thanks to everyone who contributed !!

birds2copys.jpg - 2692 Bytes birds in a box1s.jpg - 4428 Bytes fulmers.jpg - 4084 Bytes west3s.jpg - 3640 Bytes box2s.jpg - 2562 Bytes woodboxs.jpg - 3767 Bytes such2s.jpg - 4103 Bytes such3s.jpg - 6793 Bytes dragons.jpg - 5554 Bytes smahelenas.jpg - 3246 Bytes alexandras.jpg - 5809 Bytes chrispys.jpg - 4628 Bytes eves.jpg - 6160 Bytes faces.jpg - 2843 Bytes nests.jpg - 3283 Bytes colour3s.jpg - 8179 Bytes colour1s.jpg - 6153 Bytes eggss.jpg - 3663 Bytes neggss.jpg - 3736 Bytes weirdmarbles.jpg - 6425 Bytes vitamin2s.jpg - 5077 Bytes ring2s.jpg - 4826 Bytes lapwing2s.jpg - 4095 Bytes bwbirds.jpg - 2921 Bytes brownrights.jpg - 3124 Bytes whitetexts.jpg - 3310 Bytes viccowards.jpg - 3059 Bytes suec2s.jpg - 3669 Bytes dancers.jpg - 4201 Bytes suecs.jpg - 6192 Bytes oranges.jpg - 8047 Bytes galaxys.jpg - 3994 Bytes oldladys.jpg - 4563 Bytes dances.jpg - 2181 Bytes purpleeyes.jpg - 5259 Bytes roundcolours.jpg - 4050 Bytes ripples.jpg - 5451 Bytes bluesym2s.jpg - 5332 Bytes facebuildings.jpg - 5615 Bytes eggtrays.jpg - 3258 Bytes pinkeggs.jpg - 2443 Bytes bluesym1s.jpg - 2708 Bytes blueflashs.jpg - 4350 Bytes squeeze2s.jpg - 3237 Bytes squeezes.jpg - 2389 Bytes greenemboss.jpg - 4545 Bytes oilpaints.jpg - 3797 Bytes
md1s.jpg - 2531 Bytes standings.jpg - 6105 Bytes m13s.jpg - 7292 Bytes collage1s.jpg - 5511 Bytes collage2s.jpg - 5085 Bytes collage3s.jpg - 5929 Bytes bobs.jpg - 1978 Bytes boxblues.jpg - 2623 Bytes

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