This song, the first track on The Church's album Magician Among The Spirits, is basically a list of names. These are people who Steve Kilbey considers to be "ridiculous". This doesn't mean he dislikes them - they're just weird/offbeat/strange/odd, in short, they're ridiculous in some way. BTW This info came from Bruce Butler, who was the band's manager at the time this album was released.

I've picked out the names as best I can, and thanks to the collective ear'oles of the Seance mailing list members it's now a lot closer to being right.

That's the lot. The next step is, I suppose, finding out just why these people are ridiculous in Steve's eyes. Sly The Shadow reckons...

I can only find one thing that all the persons seem to have in common. Each one of them either portrayed, created or were personally involved in some from of escapism. To be more specific, the escape of death. This would tie into the seance style choirs refine throughout the song. I think SK finds it absurd to compromise ones belief's due to the fear of death. Or more over, to have the preoccupation of devoting large amounts of time and energy in the hopes of avoiding the unavoidable.

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