Church and Solo Albums

This page is a kind of index to the material held elsewhere in Shadow Cabinet. By giving each album it's own page, not only can I tell you more about each album but it can springboard into the appropriate sections of the other pages, such as lyrics, pictures, or whatever.

Church Albums

My thanks to Mike Fulmer, maintainer of the Church discography. The links for more recent albums go to his site's albums pages which are, frankly, much better than these at the moment :)

The Refo:mation - Pharmakoi/DCHWEU - Steve, Peter and Tim have recorded a brilliant album. Get this one !

Steve Kilbey

MARTFACE.gif - 8.6 K

Marty Willson-Piper

Peter Koppes

Tim Powles

tyg's in space

Related Artists

Russell Kilbey

Turkeyneck Lasso is the first release from Russell's new band. He kindly sent me a copy and its been very popular around our office.

Warp Factor 9

Miscellaneous Stuff

SKELETON.gif - 6.6 KThere are a lot of Church rarities out there; various singles and b-sides that are hard to find. You might want to hear samples of them before paying out serious money to own them.

This might be fairly subjective but I've compiled a list of production errors to be found on various albums.

Many Church vinyl releases have messages cut into the inner grooves. Weird stuff, but vital reading ! :)

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