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Spacejunk - Tim Powles Newspaper Taxi - Music review by musicians Heliopolis - a Steve Kilbey site now hosted here

Band News
  • Australian Tour Dates Announced ! A press release has been written with information on the tour including the dates. Wish I could be there :)
  • The Church have a new album called Forget Yourself due in Australian during October '03 and January '04 in the USA. A single called "space song" has been released in Australia. Read the official site for the latest info.
  • Marty is playing all over Australia during October.

Site News

  • I dug into my Church tapes and have found three interviews : Steve with Matt Curley on 2RRR in late 1996 and early 1997, and Tim and Marty at 2RRR. Right-click on the file choose "Save As" to download each file to your computer. I think Matt Curley sent me this tape, so thank you Matt :)
  • For those of you wanting to hear songs from the far-flung corners of the Church cosmos, take a look at Disillusionist Radio on Better known as Church fan Glenn Page, he also runs Violet Town.
  • If I might blow my own trumpet for a minute, I'm releasing some of my old four-track recordings. They were all done between five and ten years ago and I thought Church fans might find them interesting, since you're all kind and forgiving :) Strange...I didn't actually play my trumpet on any of these!
  • I found an interview with Peter from 1998 at the start of the Hologram of Baal tour in the USA.
  • I've created an RSS newsfeed for information about the band and this site. It's an experiment for now, but if you're interested point your news aggregator at - if you're not sure what that is, take a look at BlogLines.
Band Member News
Steve Kilbey - October 2001
Marty Willson-Piper - Oct 2003
Tim Powles - Nov 2002
Peter Koppes - May 7 2000
Others - November 1999

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