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  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Latest Releases
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The Time Being | Steve Kilbey
  • conversation with tim earnshaw pt 2
    Conversations With Kilbey Part Two: Lying For Love   When did you first take heroin? Nineteeen-ninety. What was happening in your life that led you to heroin? Nothing really. A friend of mine offered it to me one night, took me unawares, and I had a snort, liked it, and became addicted. For ten years. Were you trying to quit during that period, or only towards the end? I was always plotting to get off, but not trying. You always heard that at the dealer’s house – I’m stopping next Tuesday! I’m stopping tomorrow! This is the last time! We all had plans for going cold turkey and being locked in our room. But you would never hear a sick junkie saying he was going to stop. The only junkies who promised they were stopping were those who had just scored or were about to score. Very occasionally you’d meet someone who’d say, I’m never stopping. I know someone like that. Thirty years later, they’re still on it. But that’s rare. Most of them are planning to stop, because life becomes a misery. At what point did you become aware that it was more of a misery than a joy? It’s a bit like meeting someone for the first time and being knocked out by them. This is the best person I ever met in my life! I love everything about them! Then you start noticing things. They’re a bit of a bully. Or a bit of a thief. And eventually one day you realise you hate everything about them. I remember the first time I decided to stop to see what would happen. It was terrible, agony, miserable. And I began to fear withdrawals more than anything else. More than being arrested. Withdrawal from heroin is so awful, so […]
  • conversation with timearnshaw pt 1
    Conversations With Kilbey Part One: “Once I’ve Started I Don’t Stop” Tim Earnshaw 2017   Steve Kilbey. A man out of time and place. He should be strolling with J-K Huysmans in turn-of-the-century Paris, twirling a cane. Flat on his back in an opium haze next to Coleridge. Posing as Jupiter for Gustave Moreau in a Haussmann salon. Punching Aleister Crowley on the jaw in the Himalayas. Not in Australia, not here, not now. He’s a bohemian, a true bohemian, a hothouse flower on the outskirts of the back of beyond. A dandy and a rake. Ageless – the cheekbones, the hair, the sharp good looks and skinny shirts. What’s he on? His room is cluttered with books and pictures. A portrait of a High Court Judge he’s working on (it’s beautiful, she’s beautiful). It’s an artist’s home, full of life and work. And that’s his secret; the work, the Great Work. He never stops. The music and the writing and the painting, he’s burning up with it. Do you remember your dreams? “I carry vague impressions of them around. I smoke dope every night, so I usually forget them in the morning. The details vanish. Ninety per cent of my dreams are unpleasant. They’re often of regret, searching, trying to achieve an impossible task, Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill. Time’s running out, pressure and anxiety. Wake up in the morning like I haven’t had any rest at all.” Do you hear music in your dreams? “I’ve woken up with songs in my head but I’m not quick enough to jump up and catch them. I think I’ve dreamed some great songs but they’ve evaporated.” When you’re composing, do you think you might be drawing on this forgotten material? “No. It’s gone. I had a toy as a […]
  • The making of Seance
    (blog commissioned by KN) boy in 1982 i was somebody else and i was making my third album i was a confused little pouting ninny our 2nd album had done pretty good but an EP called sing-songs had kinda bombed so here we are late 1982 after a tour taking in sweden where i met karin jansson in australia i was dating that glamorous newsreader yeah you know who i mean the heroin years still 8 years ahead of me angular blah blah blah living in terrace house with russell in rozelle lots of people sitting around taking drugs scruffy young art college types bonging on and smoking cigs white wine and negative photos and clothes patterns and demo tapes open fire me and russell both slightly pyro playing around with it the phone rings with girls asking for russell our voices are similar sometimes they think i am him and its embarrassing when i say no actually thats my brother... i got my studio in the front room i gotta 4 track tape recorder and im knocking out tunes by the dozen i go in there and i fire up the equipment i gotta tr808 drum machine which is responsible for a lot of the drum patterns on seance unfortunately demo-itis had gripped the recording of seance by the balls the demo versions were too closely adhered to and it was my fault the songs never got to really blossom and flow like on blurred crusade and again on heyday they remain kinda rigid lyrically i seem to be playing the part of some Byron-esque melancholia addict reaching through a medium to find my dead fiancee or whatever the fuck its supposed to be the agony of separation the romance of death the triumph of love puh-lease! spare me… anyway back in […]
  • anti meat rant!
    (a commissioned blog for BC) yeah as you all know i became a veg around 17 years of age it seemed like good idea at the time and it still does if i am at all youthful and a survivor of the scourges of drugs surely it can only be my vegetarianism at the bottom of it all because vegetarianism is just the right thing to do all the time dont kill things dont eat their flesh man its the most lose/lose scenario you can imagine a devils deal: murder begetting misery its only obvious if you humiliate and torture some creature its whole life if you kill an innocent beast with an axe or a bolt how can it be that this will not come back upon you? on every single level that something can affect you spirit body mind chemical karma meat is bad medicine my friends that decaying flesh decomposing from the minute that creature dies chopped up in some nightmarish gory filthy abattoir its grisly remains are hacked into bits and packaged up the ugly work of a world gone wrong it is perversion to eat this rotten rubbish when its unnecessary people wake up to the fucking truth meat is killing our planet along with a few other stupid things that carcass hitting your guts and travelling round in your intestines your intestines long n winding road and with weak digestive juice that bit of corpse in your guts for up to three days going off your stomach aint no freezer put a piece of meat in a glass on a table with some weak acid see what happens the things we are meant to eat dont rot in the same way veggies and fruit dont rot like meat nothing rots like meat this flesh full […]
Peter talks about the 30 year anniversary
Friday, 11 February 2011

A short interview with Peter about his thoughts on the 30 year anniversary and the albums they're playing on the tour.


SFWeekly talks with Steve about the Future Past Perfect tour
Wednesday, 02 February 2011

He also covers the feeling raised by performing P=A and Starfish in their entirety.


SF Examiner talks to Steve about mistakes he's made in the past
Wednesday, 02 February 2011

Originally published at San Francisco Examiner:

I don't think his characterisation of Steve ARIA speech as a "rant" is fair, though. Steve's speech was full of stories, warm rememberances and genuine appreciation for Australian music. It was covered in the press the next day as the best ARIA acceptance speech ever, an accolade that wouldn't be accorded to something mean-spirited or nasty.

Steve talks about pleasing themselves
Wednesday, 01 December 2010
Steve talks to Inpress, looking back on his changing attitudes to music and The Church.
Brief interview with Marty
Wednesday, 24 November 2010

From Rave magazine, a brief interview with Marty about falling through the cracks. Originally published at


Steve talks about Starfish and Wachtel's influence on it
Thursday, 11 November 2010
Starfish's success is beginning to become apparent...
Interview with Marty at Facebook
Tuesday, 09 November 2010

A really nice way to do an interview, put together by Roch Parisien Rocon Communications

You can see the original at

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