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Steve's comments on Michael Hutchence and This Is It Print E-mail
Monday, 27 November 2017

Steve's comments on how the death of Michael Hutchence inspired this song, from an article about six songs about Hutchence's untimely death.


Originally published at

“This Is It,” from Australian alt-rockers the Church’s 11th studio album, Hologram of Baal, is the most literal of the Hutchence tribute tracks out there, chillingly chronicling Hutchence’s final hours in a Sydney hotel room. “I was very shocked and depressed by Hutchence’s death, because it was so inexplicable,” the band’s Steve Kilbey told Yahoo Music at the time of the song’s release. “It’s like, this guy’s got everything — money and girls, all the things we all aspire to. And yet, once again, like a lot of celebrities, he’s taken his life. What hope does that give all the guys working in the factories, you know?”

Echoing Corgan’s statements, Kilbey also said he thought the decline of Hutchence’s teen-heartthrob status “weighed heavily on him. …He was getting towards 40, but his appeal was based on being a sexy young guy, which he was starting to not be anymore. That’s the dilemma if that’s what you are, as opposed to, hopefully, what we look upon ourselves as musicians. If you went and saw the Modern Jazz Quartet, you wouldn’t be thinking about how fat or how old they are, or if their beards are gray. You’d just be, ‘Yeah, I like this music.’ But Hutchence was trapped in this youth thing.”

Looking back at the Australian music icon’s legacy 20 years later, Kilbey tells Yahoo in 2017: “Michael Hutchence was the only person I ever met who I thought truly possessed that elusive quality of ‘charisma.’”

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