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Acoustic & Intimate Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Acoustic & Intimate

Only those tracks that don't appear on his other solo albums are listed here.

[rev. Nov. 9, 2003]

Remember when I told you
You were pretty lost
It seems you had it up to here
You just paid the cost

All I have, all I need, all I got, is providence

You're looking pretty tired
It seems you lost some weight
You made it through, I don't know how
That's what you can do

All I have, all I need, all I got, is providence
All I have, all I need, all I got, is providence

The pines smell sweet in the frozen air
Their silhouettes just fading there
The wolves crouch close against the snow
But where we're running I don't know
In villages and soft sad towns
The candles sway as night comes down
Cold bones creak, strange beasts cry
Watching shadows in the sky

All I have, all I need, all I got, is providence
All I have, all I need, all I got, is providence

Remember when we were lovers
The things we used to do
The way the wind came through the door
The way you pulled me through
It was over before we knew it
Gone from both our minds
If you get the inclination
Just think of me sometimes

All I have, all I need, all I got, is providence
All I have, all I need, all I've got, is providence

Just providence


September 13
You never shoulda used magic
To summon me back here
The consequences could be rather tragic
But that's a real good trick my dear

And all the time I'm under the impression
Riding on the borders like an ace
You almost smiled, surely my discretion
Lost into the desert of your face
Just the other side of disgrace

And don't you always get what you ask for
And don't you always ask for what you get
I thought you read the label before you laid the table
You've got no cause for regret

And all the time I'm under the delusion
That it's me who's dealing out the script
You almost jump to your old conclusion
Your anecdotes they all come forth unripped
But who gave you the sweat that you dripped


An Arrangement
Ah, it's just an arrangement
I don't care if you see
You think you're sick of being yourself
What you crave is somebody else
Make an arrangement with me


SK's First Song (excerpt)
As I was coming home up the street
I saw a sight that almost made me sick
I saw my girl, my lovely Sue
Walking 'round with you


Don't Rely on Your Friends (except)
If you're still too big to accept my friendship
I guess there's nothing I can do or say
But don't rely on your friends
They won't pick you up when you fall
They can't hear you when you call
They don't care at all


Skyscraper Carnivore (excerpt)
Well I'm a skyscraper carnivore
Living on the thirteenth floor
The wife's got scabies, the dog's got rabies
The kids are having fun just having babies
And the guy next door says, "Well you're a cool cat
But a long-haired hippie could do better than that"
I pay my rent, I'm smoking Kents
I ain't doin' bad for a guy that's bent

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