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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Blessed One
[rev. 6/27/06]

Walked like a spirit
Serotonic fog
Time crawls away
Like a snake or a dog

For god sakes wake up
You people need more
For god sakes get up
So we can score

Penetrate the truth in all its stupid shame
Negate the constant us [1:12], relegated down the chain
Improve upon the Vedic, releases Eve again
Disprove the opposition's apparitions
Oh I reign/All our reign [1:24]

(Blessed One) Blessed One
(Blessed One) Blessed One
(Blessed One) Blessed One

Amid unbeliever unclean and unchaste
Wandering like the wasted one
In the land of waste
The index as the futures
As the death spurs
Christ take your sutras
Call them parables

Small town, warm night
Wide-eyed and free me
Altars for lights
Vanish discreetly

The revenue of telepaths were telegraphic
The flux of your fortunes used to stop the traffic
The samples of the core indicate necrotic
Just like Kali Yuga, that's so tragic

Background, blow down
Fade down, swooping
Curtain, nightfall
Vanish discreetly

(Blessed One) Blessed One
(Blessed One) Blessed One
(Blessed One) Blessed One

Descend into the heavy world
Through the layers
Burning through the afterglow
Crashed between the flames
Sitting on the judgement when Paris chooses Love
Back in my apartment when the going gets too tough

Background, blow down
Fade down, swooping
Curtain, nightfall
Vanish discreetly

With the speed of a gazelle
The smack of a flipper
Evolve into wings and fins
And hero into slippers
Defined nonchalance with your thirteen holy marks
Fumes cannot touch you
Harpy only harks

Background, blow down
Fade down, swooping
Curtain, nightfall
Vanish discreetly

(Blessed One) Blessed One
(Blessed One) Blessed One
(Blessed One) Blessed One


[rev. May 25, 2002]

Waitress with the short hair is stoned
She drifts amongst the tables
Old ladies talk like birds
That'd fly if they were able

The coffee has a calming effect
I'm nervous when I travel
Red lights and steel worms
Let the journey unravel

She's a keeper
You should keep her

The wine seems to have sobered me up
I'm hardly shaking
I'm gonna lose myself this time
And time that it's taking

There's no charge if you want to top up
The clientele are extras
Juggle their lives and their loves
Nicely ambidextrous

The speed seems to have slowed me down
We talk about William from Glide
The things of the towns go by
I'm driving on the wrong side



[rev. Oct. 17, 2006]

The silence is wrong
He/You [0:29, 3:27] can't find the hotel
It was a while back
It's just a shell
And the place where it stood
Just a field full of weeds
It's a done deal (don't forget the silencer)

In a black mood
In a gray land
It's king harvest again
In the gray sand
And the thorns are all dough
Just a field full of weeds
It's a done deal (don't forget the silencer)

She's a busted thief
He's a brutal ride
Let's go to la tonterre [1:46]
Let's go inside there
The sangria's cloudy
The music is dragging
It's a done deal (don't forget the silencer)

In the candlelight
That's what we paid you for
Perfect disgrace
Through the screen door
We see the low boy bring
Just a field full of weeds
It's a done deal (don't forget the silencer)

It's an ink blot
You're a blue suit
You're a character
You're a smooth loop [3:02]
I'm cutting out the start
It's rushing at the end
It's a done deal (don't forget the silencer)


[rev. Dec. 7, 2001]

China, saw your sister on the Nile/online [0:31]
When I asked her, he admitted they all love

Come on down, we're gonna take you deeper
You're gonna be fine, you're gonna be asleep
And when the day comes

Come on down, we're swimming in the black now
Can't go forward, can't go back
When the end comes

China, heard you singing with your friends
I'll be back tomorrow when my body mends




Selfish Portrait
[rev. Dec. 7, 2001]

Got your whiskey and Coke
You may appreciate this joke
You seem like a decent bloke
You're doing pretty well
No one could never tell that [0:48]

You've got your guitar by a string
You may play Some Enchanted Evening
You should be able to sing
It's all gonna happen
Oh you could never tell them [1:09]

You got your white stare [1:35] from a show
It was some show that I could not know
And it's pretty empty below
Watching that shell
One could never tell them [1:51]

You've got your stupid stitch
You may already have become rich
You seem like a son-of-a-bitch
Yeah, I like you very well
One could never tell them [2:11]


No Time At All
[rev. Dec. 7, 2001]

You fell through the ceiling
Into the party below
Somewhere south of the border
Where they grow the blow

And all your good ideas
Celebrated mistakes/Celebrating the stakes [0:45]
Calculated, she wakes
In the fall
It's no time at all

Filming a documentary
About drugs in the jungle
You become a sloth
When you steal a little sample

And all your brilliant plans
Fixed your horoscope
Transfixed, she gropes for the call
In no place at all

At a ruined resort
With your time-share cutie
How you had a blast
What a little beauty

And all your serious attempts
All your limitations
She makes your invitations seem small
There's no you at all

Plundering some artifacts
You cut yourself a deal
On the steps of the temple
Where sacrifices kneel

And all your marvelous hunches
Fill their vapid hearts
Rapidly she darts down the hall
It's no life at all (yeah)


Aloha Biggles And Starr

We are the atoms of society
Serve up meat as a delicacy
Your breast-fed heads, what a thing of shame
They got you dope, shoulder the blame


We are the pillars of society
Holding up the sign with a ceremony
Faded old minstrels and truculent kids
Let them eat cake like their granddaddies did


If they can't eat cake give them sugarrose
With the stuff that killed the monkeys in the studios
With the stuff that stuffed the donkeys at the taxios
Bye, sleep well, cheerio

We are the atoms of society
We are the atoms of society


Untitled One
[rev. Dec. 7, 2001]

It's got a life of it's own
It's got a terrible shake
It's got the option for air
Almost a joke that I care
Almost a cloak that I wear
It's covered in dust now
I mean it's not asking much now

The old mana vacuumed you in
The old mana vacuumed you in
The old mana vac
One of the student, better get to it

It arrived with a crack, man
We should get our money back, man
Because we're stupid and naive
Doesn't mean that we don't believe

It's a bad time of year
It's a good time of life
It's the sweet time of love
It's the nice time of place
It's a fine time for tears
It's a black time for dreams
It's high time for spears
It's been coming for years

It's reasonable doubt
It's an unusual quest
It's an inferior position
It's the one we like best
And it's the end of the sideshow
It's the end of the terror
It's the end of the arguments
It's the end of the era/error [3:15]
It's the end of the era/error [3:24]


[rev. Dec. 7, 2001]

It's opening night, everything's going fine
Finally finding a timeless time
It's an open line

And angle your way through the actors and sets
Entrance, exits, dressing rooms

Black blight/light [1:53]
White spot
Can do

You surface again for your one big scene
It's a real pot-boiler with a civilized sheen
Paris plea/Spring [2:42]

But you mutter, you murmur, you merely mumble
You're quick and you crack, you quiver
And you crumble

Cold cream
Hot bed
Wiped out
Ended/And dead [3:19]


Untitled Too
[rev. July 30, 2003]

The day we left for January
The maelstroms lashed our side
Tore us away from the glass water bay
Where the impulse engines died

We scrambled up the crow's nest
Could not believe our luck
Our terrified cries vibrated through the sky
Lightning and thunder struck

Down and down and down
Drowning in yourself
Down and down and down

The sergeant was a drunkard
The wing commander bent
We crashed one night on the other side
Just past the Duke of Kent

Passengers were a lethal lot
Hanging the loud in the nets
They dreamed and screamed as we picked up steam
In the mouth of the rivulet

The mutineers were scabby dogs
Howling for our blood
We hied her whip up and down the ship
We hurled into the flood

The enemy hove into sight
Blazing like a saw
We struggle in her wake like a damaged snake
We did begin to bark/We didn't get too far [3:16]

The sea was a vast mosaic
Fallen to disrepair
The sky was aglow like the chaos below
As the first shots filled the air

The charge swept off our captain's leg
So they put him in a barrel of graphite
Commanding from the fray as his blood ran away
His soul fled to the light


[rev. Apr. 13, 2004]

Starboard and port
Comes creeping in the mist
I'm lost in thought
Lost in the thought of this


The lovers flow and ebb
The traffic comes and goes
I'm hanging in this web
You would never suppose


Stern and bow
Up and down
Side to side
And around


The seasons fluctuate
Rivers rise and dwindle
Mouths fly past late
The inches never kindle




The Temptation of St. Anthony


Time To Say Goodbye
When it's time to say goodbye
When it's time to say goodbye
When it's time to say goodbye
Waiting for you in the sky

Born alone everyone
Everything under the sun
Stay that way till kingdom come again

When it's time to leave you here
Waiting for you to appear

Always into suffering
A long sweet rest for everything
Silence for the song we sing again

When it's time to say goodbye
Waiting for you in the sky
Waiting for you in the sky
When it's time to say goodbye


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