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  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Manchild & Myth

Take A Vow
I'd take a vow
If it didn't come naturally
Yeah I'd take a vow
To seek love and beauty
To seek love and beauty

It's all I can do
All I ever knew

Consummating passion
All the way to fashion
Enchanting spark
Left it's mark
From then I stoked desire
To quench an endless fire

The eye can deceive
And I believe
What was once attraction
Can fade to no reaction
lt's true that the soul
Although not so bold
Possesses the ability
To see through temporarily


These Three Things
On and on across this barren land
Stumbling, the last of water gone
A memory of you melts into sand
And love face down lies where it shone

"Come with us," I hear the powers say
"Even now the perfect day is on its way"
"Hail to the seraphic
Praise to it all"

Do they build it up to knock it down again?
Yet it feels so free to be this near the end

Out and out adrift it's heavenly
Tumbling, crash softly on her bed
Turn around find fortune rising steeply
Awoke as the dawn and a memory fled

Only moonbeams kill when love lies slain
A jagged horizon and a bare terrain


The Wise And The Wicked
And you make me feel better
And you make me feel better
Talking about life
And you make me feel better
Talking about life
And you make me feel better

Sometimes we sit around
Talking the truth comes out
Simple it seems to us
If everyone in all could trust

I fear that they just won't understand
I fear that they'll just go on with all their plans
Their future's just a minute away
Or waiting for the judgement day

We may be on different sides
Watching the human tides
Each one with a different game
In the end they're all the same


What's The Matter?
Hey! What's the matter with you
Hey! What's the matter with you

You look like you could
Do what you would
It's only up to you
You look on the world
As a shiny new pearl
Shared by just a few
Let it seem
For you to gleam
Is all you have to do
All you have to do
All you have to do

You feel like a star
Sealed in a jar
With no way to escape
You see that a glow
Appears if bestowed
Without a forlorn drape
Now it's your turn
It's your life to burn
Kiss success in the nape
It never was a mistake
Never was a mistake

Simple things
Just seem to have you
Up in a balloon
Take this song
As good advice
Wrapped around a tune
I can't help it if I have
The faith in you I do
It's all you have to do
All you have to do


I picked up the pieces of a tune inside my head
And waited for inspiration to be fed
It seems so long since I felt the need to care
Circumstance often dealt with what we share
If I could find something to make you cry
Test your love but there's no need to even try

Let's move forward with our quest
And just ignore the rest
It'll turn out for the best


Comes As No Surprise
Fate's always a question, always in disguise
Though sometimes a sense "to be"'s with what we choose
Yeah, I see my future, it's in your eyes
And I feel like I am wearing my old shoes

If it comes it comes as no surprise
I hope it drifts into my open skies
If it comes it comes as no surprise
If we fall in love
It comes as no surprise

Some people believe in their own destiny
All depends on what we all will do
If a gypsy read her crystal ball for me
I'd like to know I'll fall in love with you

If we fall in love
In love






The Colosseum
Take a fall or come a fire
I'll be there tonight
Arms await my soul's desire
All features fade to white

It's a long way from home
The colosseum
It's a long way from home
The colosseum
Seems a hard thought to sow
Once was a dream spun
It's a long way from home
The colosseum

Distant call awakes a sparker
I'll be gone tonight
Torch of faith becomes a marker
And keeps it burning bright

Sing to me or fly away
The bird of freedom lives today
The heart of man beats on and on
Inside the hope a common bond
What we have and what we need
Seed to fruit and fruit to seed
With a prayer exalting self
What we know our only wealth

We'll survive the colosseum


A Drink From The Cup
I drank from the cup
Now I can't live without it
A playful young pup
Now an old dog with a new trick

A potion that makes all appear as if new
And all that was hidden comes into view

I drank from the cup
Knowing the danger of too much
When I woke up
The feeling had gone out of my touch

I peered into space, an immaculate hue
I ventured to taste it's impossible blue
The things I imagined turned out to be real
There weren't any secrets, I'd broken the seal

I drank from a lake
I wonder if I'll ever get back
I think a mistake
Till reason takes up all of the slack

A banquet appeared and invited to dine
On eternal bread and knowledgeable wine
My host gave a glimpse of what was to be
And I gave a toast then began to bleed
A vision ecstatic but all too brief
Left me mopping tears with an old handkerchief


Into The Bright Light
Fly on easy brother
Your robe suits you well
With a smile just like an angel
And a mission words can't tell
At the heart of our existence
With a love to make it gel
The sun is in our eyes now
Must be time to cast your spell

The man on the corner
Admires the streets you pave
He can count up all his blessings
But he hasn't got enough to save
There's people in the parlour
Just waiting to be shown
Come take them won't you to the place
That they all call home, they all call home

Fly into the bright light
Away we go

Last night easy brother
When you floated through my room
The TV flickered at the height of it
Was all over too soon
Experience has made me wise
As I now look forward to
The days passing by our lives
Spent in the love saloon

Works fine for the moment
Could last till we get there
Make amends for the future
Have you got a change to spare
A carriage for the spirit
Is waiting if you care
By the time that you arrive
There'll be no-one there to collect the fare


Let You Walk Away
Since you came along, life goes up in a song
And I almost let you
You marked out your spot, said it's not very hot
I can't relax now
Made love on the sand, lost sight of the land
I can't get back now
You send out a light for lost ships in the night
I'm not like that

But I can never relax now
Pining for something better I care about
I can never relax now
The shine of your beam has touched me deep inside

Now that its rules, you say the truth
Can nowhere be found
I was in doubt, you brought it out
Now we know each other well
Only a sin, is that where you've been
Well leave it out then
Save it all up and send it on up that beam
If it's all over, it doesn't matter if we can't get back

I should have known better than to let you walk away
Praise is the action of my satisfaction
And sometimes goes unheard


Our Love
Graceful mysterious that you are
Guided by good sense and a star
Knowing and following sheer beauty
That's your charm and

Our love is the power
To treasure and to shower

Faithful to virtue and your worth
Loving of fellow ones on this earth
I for one would be at loss
If not for your birth

Millions upon millions
Live from day to day
Seeking precious moments
Forever they'll stay
Memories upon memories
Bound by our belief
Nothing comes between us
Not even a master thief


When Reason Forbids
So you think life is better than none
Then it ends when it's just begun yeah

Carried away on the crack of a whip
Not even the fault of a careless slip

Nature creator of all we find
Can by chance be so unkind
What worth is this wretched throw
When reason forbids yet we're called to go

Thoughts that grow each passing day
Fall beside our legacy way

There must be something more than this
Now it's yours and you I do miss

Yet we're called to go
Yet we're called to go
I'm gonna miss you

Yet we're called to go
When reason forbids

We're called to go
When reason forbids

Yet called to go
When reason forbids


At The Castle




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