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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Water Rites

Purging sun and further to go
Cargo precious swaying on the beasts
Desert well, last camp, journeyed slow
Before arrival at the court of feasts
Night sky clear and cool dark indigo
Tomorrows company, the King of Sheiks

Caravan, across the sands of time
Caravan, into the winds design
Caravan, ancient nomad span

Salt bejewelled, the traders few robes
In exchange for life brought from the land
Shipped from shores and further disposed


Finest Hour
The scent of night on your fingertips
Touch of velvet on your rose petal lips
Scream of lives my senses afray
The music spoke what our words could not say

Don't break, in the finest hour
Don't break, in the finest hour

A dark lit drive on the plains of awry
Smooth and fruit from a sane god's eye
Secret longing passion, passing as we bathe
In the rule of silent wanderlust haze

Don't break, in the finest hour
Don't break, in the finest hour

Den of midnight, blood on the wire
We watch as sadness fuels the moral pyre
The sea of gloom wades out of the room
Dining on hope, we both licked the spoon

Don't break, in the finest hour
Don't break, in the finest hour


Stars are slippin' softly by the window as we plane
The ripple of a song comes filtering in without a name
The flower in your hat, transports me to a house
Aflame, she by the fire, a man there thinks to douse

Following conversations like a beggar through narrow streets
Fingers reached and touched, a feeling never seemed so sweet
All the tears of living, cascading clothes to the floor
Embark upon a fevered trail, of great unspoken law

And you call me father, courter of the skies
Inborn, melt together, route earthbound lonely spies

Guarder of light, watch over us
Lord of the living, breathe in our dust
We ache for nothing, more can we ask?



Docked in Tangiers port at night
Heat drenched lights spread at a height
A young guide from the streets he'd fought
Spoke seven tongues though never taught


Smoked a hashish cigarette
Chants float from a minaret
A Kasbah winds its labyrinth
The coastal palace of a prince


They're falling lightly, the veils of Arabia
The veils of Arabia


Sabre dance in Istanbul
Thieves around a pedestal
Harems held like nature's beasts
The desert boasts a genie's feats


Teenage boys played on a beach
Though no girls, they're out of reach
Heritage, their fathers land
And law laid by their fathers' hand



House Afire
Wind blows hot around my throat
Water poured could sink a boat
I walk along with a house afire

Memories held from times we spoke
All the rest fed to the smoke
I walk along with a house afire

And in the calm of nothingness
The hand of hope comes to caress
I walk along with a house afire

Building holes to fill with threat
And jealousy becomes a debt
The war on love is never won
As we struggle with the One

I walk along with a house afire


Spirit March


You've got eyes that make you see
Deep in the heart of our kind
You don't have the need to agree
That leads to an original find

Like a flame
You must be brave
Burn your own way

You're not supposed to be here
Despite what you've been told
Blessed the earth with a helpless tear
Shed while your fame was on hold

You must be brave
Like a flame

You must be brave
Burn your own way

You feel the sense of just being
And hardly spare a thought
The lock that you put your key in
Meant you'd never be caught


Liberation Dance
Your voice grew softer than sighing
And laughter was dying in everything you did

We're together with this lot
We'll reach further than we got
Victory is on our smile

Liberation Dance, here's another chance
Scent in the air of history goin' down
Sense the heartbeat without any sound

Your voice grows stronger than armor
And washes in colour like you knew it could

Your love grows stronger than armor
And washes in colour like you knew it could

Liberation Dance, here's another chance


Fear, fear
Down & up, she fills the cup
With the world as we bleed

Fear after fear, the road seems to clear
The fog of doubt disappears
The shameless free, drink from the sea
Of endless opportunity

Chore after chore, the elements swore
Left a fire and feelings to pour
The senseless few, unmoved in a slew
Don't know the mystery, only the clue

Joy after joy, the infinite toy
Comes from a fertile soil
Pillion patience, amok in the storm
Feats blooms, an original form

Fear, fear


Wolf Run
Winter finds the time to enter
Plenty now the undergrowth
Echo beats a frozen centre
In one as wild as you

Tundra wolves' threat, caribou climb
Lonely wandering the hills
Experience held for a find
In one as wild as you

Tails held high in search of freedom
Hunger drives them in this season
Join the hunt with providence
Ensemble that's for and against

A lonely one as beautiful as you
Runs the wolf in one as wild as you
A lonely one as beautiful as you
Runs the wolf, runs the wolf

Howling winds, moon through the pine trees
Day takes sleep and mixed up dreams
A pack sets out when nature agrees
And breeds the strength to carry on

And followers and friendly treason
Lick the wounds you gave to feed them
Gambling questions with the dice
Took for yourself straight from the skies


On Wings of Love
Make mine the empire in an alien land
Which welcomes the thief from an old Rajasthan
Make the numbers turn over and the eyes gaze around
As the food of the harvest of pure thought abounds

Eerie stands the myth of a man who's called
The saviour of souls with their life faith restored
On wings of love from here we can depart

Hey maybe, in the world of our dreams
There's freedom from anguish, that comes in between
Cause hate is the avenue that leads to ill health
Springs from a memory of injured oneself

Oh! Live with a body, a body alive!


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