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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Love Era/Irony

I told you about the strife
And you said "That's tough. Ah, don't talk about it."
Then it's some company not a toy
And you don't know with that cat about
You don't know or care about it

It's a celebration
It's a celebration

Hey, she tears it away
This party is going straight to my head
Every story, something about it
I can remember the way she mouths it

I'm wondering why her eyes shine
If I'm drugged I'm not aware of it
And besides if it was that good,
This has erased the memory

Closer and closer to me
There's just two people in this room
You're gonna play me
Like your favourite tune

And when you call me "mellow 'wake'r of dreams"
I never know if it's true
And when you call me "a pleasant change"
I just don't know what to say back to you
Are you coming our way
As I can hear you say
"Seal the world of my darkened fear"?

I woke up and swooned but it's not more than I can take

Enter Tuesday, maybe we'll find it in a bite
It was shameless delight
Words float like muses, a scent in it chooses
So's I can find the right set that'll touch your lights
Speak to me how the will is wrong here
Toward her I have to reach
But baby, baby, you needn't hurry
Not more than anything

It's coming on and on and on
It goes on and on and on


I nearly missed so thankyou
You should be kissed, yeah thankyou
It was you who made my wish come true

My every word you seem to hear
Peaceful mooring at your pier
Holding under southern skies
Caring more than for a slice

I have to run but thankyou
For all you've done, yeah thankyou
You really came through

Who, if not me has to say to you
"There's a knowing in your eyes
A place for you in paradise"?


Two In A Million
Hey there's something that's rare to find
When all falls together and nothing's timed
Under a spell with the power of song
When I'm with you, I can do no wrong

We're two in a million

The gods gave us more than we could ask in prayer
And all because we had some time to spare
Searching was fine but it didn't hit this height
The difference was clear at the end of the night


Come A Day
Yeah yeah

I lay the picture low
Down in my soul
Heal with time, time

Yeah yeah
There'll come a day
Yeah yeah

Yeah yeah
You'll go out and make it pay
Yeah yeah

They scar the body black
All over the town
Trying to hide
Yeah yeah
Yet I just can't refrain
The pain inside
It remains

Yeah yeah
There'll come a day
Yeah yeah

Yeah yeah
You're gonna make it all pay
Yeah yeah


[revised Nov. 17, 2004]

(Ahh, ss-sound
Ss-sound, ahh)

Ah you really turned me on
With everything today
You really turned me on
The way you did what you did today

Yeah, I wanna
Yeah, I gotta yeah
Yeah, if you wanna take a journey to a foreign land
There's a train leaving now
Come aboard
We'll write a song about it
We're going where you never ever been

(Ss-sound, ahh)

I wanna tell you
You are good for me
Everyday and every night, yeah
Together we'll dream right now
And kiss the candlelight bye

What do you say?
Can you hear it?
The sound of fear is missing
You can hear it
Then we've gotta listen
Yeah we gotta listen

Yeah, I wanna
Yeah, I gotta yeah
Yeah, if you wanna take a journey to a foreign land
There's a train leaving now
(Ss-sound, ahh) We gotta listen, yeah
Come aboard
We'll write a song about it
We're going where you've never been


Apex Farmer
You must have thought that I made it all up
But you don't understand

It's times like these that I think of her
A breezy essence floats on my memory
Coming and fading like the fleeting smiles
Blissful wonder and serenity

A mirror for my self-preservation
Playground of my rambling search

But now that she is gone
I see the echo of her in the eyes of others
And a deep breath escapes my lips
At the distance between sisters and brothers


Oblivion & Beyond
Women voices from mountain tops
Calling from afar
Their faces never stop
Tugging at the heart

They're gonna take just a little while
Before they take you like a smile
On to oblivion
And then beyond

They're gonna take you for a ride
They're gonna take you for a ride

Willing vices build up the speed
Falling towards fate
Trees of the planted seeds
Climbed until they break

Gonna take you for a ride
Gonna take you for a ride


I got a message I don't understand
About the people, about the plan
"There is a power and it's in our hands
To stop the world turning to sand"

I've got a message
I've got a message for you
I've got a message
A message for you

I'm wondering why it is and who even cares
Beyond the instinct into the prayers
"It's not the game, it's the way it is played
That we'll take with us when it's all put away"

Welcome to the middle of your mind

I got a message I don't understand
To just exist, make no demands
I'm wondering why it is we know we're alive
When all the rest only need to strive

Welcome to the middle
Welcome to the middle of your mind


Make A Move
You're acting like I made us fight
And with you might bring you doom
But hey let's wear it, we've got something to share
That never ever felt as strong

Make a move on me
Make a move on me

It's been three broken years
Though you've always been dear
No good if I reach you
And no good if I meet you
You only come back when you feel clear

Make a move on me
Make a move on me
Make the stars come alive


Have you seen the light behind you
History the light
A prophecy that might remind you
Guiding through the night

Oh mercy
Oh have mercy

Tranquillity exists for me
Between the wrong and right
Rules are made for those who need them
There's no need to bite
UFO's would come to us
But we must be a fright

And you talk your way
You walk away
You hawk your way to hell itself

If you showed a real emotion
I'd be on your side
Yet fortunes make you rise to anger
At your out-gone tide

Have you seen the lights behind you
Have you seen the lights

You hawk your way to hell itself
You walk away but you'll be back again


With the wind the willow tree
Reminds me how I long to be
Every sound a mystery
That calls us out upon our mystic trip
On our mystic trip

And when it comes to luck, you're on side
Our wandering soul is where it hides

All around, the ground below
We float on cries until we're close
On our mystic trip

And when it comes to change, the drear shies
We travel through romancing skies

Beyond fields of caring now
Where circumstance will show us how
Further than a hope can see into the world
Of wish set free
On our mystic trip

(On our mystic trip)


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