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Live at the Fine Line Cafe/Knitting Factory Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Live At The Fine Line Cafe/Knitting Factory

Only those tracks that don't appear on his other solo albums are listed here.

Here Come The Tears [Track 12]

I didn't catch your name
Tell it to me again
It's really getting late
How long you gonna wait

Here come the tears
Here come the tears
And you say you're not sad

Miracles don't last
They fade into the past
If I'm in your way
You only have to say

Here come the tears
Here come the tears
It's hard to walk away

Only yesterday your face was beamin' bright
Your eyes sparkle like polished jewels
Deep into the night
When morning came you felt the same
Yet hardly said goodbye
But all that's just a memory
Melting in the ice

Come now with me
Let's go across the street
The cushions are so soft
You can put up your feet

Here come the tears
Here come the tears
Here come the tears
Cry them over me


Live At The Knitting Factory
The Air Between Us [Track 5 - A Dare Mason Song]
Your memory's so present in my head
And your body is absent from my bed
There's a million things that I could say to you
And not a thing that I can do
We set our heads where nothing grows

How you knew I'll never never never know
There's glowing trees and lush green parks
On the border between the lights and darks

This story never made much sense
Past present, past future tense
So tense the air between us
Like charges repel
All will be well in the end
My friends

There's some people in an island cage
And the bars are wrapped within and in and in the rage
Eyes from sunburnt sockets stare
I know I'll never find you there
Take all the world's treasures and bury them deep
And I know I won't never loose a wink of sleep

And like a vision you appear in the sacred place
A restless night stole restless days

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