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  All I ever wanted to see...was just invisible to me.
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Tuesday, 09 October 2012


Out Of This World

Almost polite, they point a finger
Chase the muslin designs
Almost as blind, shrug your shoulder
Look what you're leaving behind

On the way out, out of this world
On a day out, out of this world

Almost apart, I'm divided
With control dots
Almost divine, she takes her time
And she go out of her mind

Hey there, please come and stay with me now
Beneath the arches of our sky
Beneath the curse that sucks you dry

Almost a prize, I can't believe it
Right between the eyes
Almost a man, almost master
Almost also-ran

Look what you're leaving behind


Well does it please my honor to testify
There's something that I've got to confess
Me and the boys went looking for some trouble
And I guess we found us a mess
You know we were just chasing aliens
'Cause those folks are different to us
Someone started tooting and then we started shooting
Now some people are trying to raise a fuss

I find them guilty
Ah, take them away

Well we were hunting the kind with the different mind
Those peoples with the strange eyes
Gonna purge this town with a burial mound
So a new day can arise

Me and the men were down in the glen
Branding the cattle and fixing the fence
We could have swore that we saw some more
So we let 'em have it again and again

Pretty Ugly, Pretty Sad

I turned around to see the clown
He made no sound, his face was down
He was crying, dying to laugh another smile
Down the empty avenues
I stood inside his worn-out shoes
I was flying, trying just to come down
The circus crowd, cruel and proud
Existing in the wilderness
Minding their own business, of dying
I turned around and they were gone
I pulled my useless pity on
It was morning, morning so pure and undefiled
Inside my room a healing sea
Nothing here makes sense to me
There's no warning, wanting just to come down
At great expense, ladies and gents
We bring you the greatest show
You can take it with you when you go, lying
Pretty ugly, pretty sad, pretty helpless, pretty glad
Pretty angry, pretty mad, pretty ugly, pretty sad
So now I wander through the days
I wonder who designed this maze
If it's unending, sending out some kind of sign
I turned around to see the clown
I should have pulled the mirror down
Now I'm pretending, extending my local in this town
Ladies and gents, at great expense
We bring you the greatest show
Take it with you when you go, lying
Pretty ugly, pretty sad, pretty helpless, pretty bad
Pretty angry, pretty mad, pretty ugly, pretty sad

Judgement Day

I never intended to be kind of sane
I cannot remember their glass or their pain
I never expected to come here and stay
And be waiting with you for the judgment day
If I beat the odds you change the dice
If I forget you memorize
You're one of the special and you don't have to pay
Your dividends are coming on the judgment day

Hey some people got a lot to answer for
But you keep on going

Poor Matilda hoarding her stash
Shivered on top of a bed stuffed with cash
I told her she should think about giving it away
Her option comes up on the judgment day
Who knows who's going, who knows who's left
Who knows why we keep on wasting our breath
Where was the shepherd when the flock went astray
He'd seen the forecast for the judgment day


Uncomplicated, not a reason nor a whim
Uncompared, and unprepared to start
Satisfied our living by the steel
Riding high upon your golden cart

Oh tyrant

Undignified, uncivilized, but always worth a thrill
There's never been a world that didn't end
Unquantified, uncategorized, until we pay the bill
Never ever borrow what you lend


Telegram lines in meadows of junk
Jewels stay late to shake and I'll be sunk
Small eyed sellers with conquering ties
And I know those sins carry dangerous crimes
Yes we're sitting down the back with a head full of haze
Coming to terms with our yesterdays
Last night I found love in my fingertips
Imagined I was swimming between your peninsular lips
standing on the snaking road
Mistaken, forsaken, and totally blowed
Yes we're sitting down the back with a bone in my hand
Pull down the blind on the sunburnt land
Once we stopped in the dead of night
I must have walked in on a hell of a fight
I never even saw who was throwing the punch
I never even asked who was paying for lunch
It reminds me of the time I've told you about
Every voice in the world seemed to shout
I sank to my knees hands over my ears
I could have heard what nobody hears
But I blew out the match with a weary breath
Checked my stash, there was nothing left
Stuck my face into the night
Tasted the rain that came with the light
Sitting in the back with a sneaking suspicion
Happy with my lazy ambition

My Birthday, The Moon Festival

My birthday, the moon festival
My life in the sea of tears

My holiday, a misadventure
My soul, a short career
Like a lizard the road crawls forward
Into regions unexplored
By their boats the Mayans stirred
Gold and silver soon flow aboard
My birthday, the moon festival
My legs a wisp of ghost
My clothing, cotton under paper
My shoes, a sharpened post
My birthday, the moon festival

Design Error

Human design error
Ain't a life for stress
Somthing broke the weather
Got us in this mess

But I'm gonna squeeze the blood out of this town
And then I'll be gone before it all falls down
I will be around

Bobby charged his crystals
Anna lost your furs
We all went down to Florida
I swear it was getting worse

Human design error
For handling the wind
Felt the weightless terror
And you knew that you had sinned

Doctor lost his patients
Nurse lost all her hair
We all went down to Florida
I know I've sent you there

Nothing Inside

Hey, get out of my way, I cannot stay
I cannot adore you
Drained, leaving the game, chasing this train
That they put before you

You lied, there's nothing inside
Say the river Jordan is chilly and wide
Once I told you I nearly tried

You, you're so unprepared, so badly ensnared
That they can't ignore you
Fall, out of the blue, everything's true
How can I assure you

You lied, there's nothing inside
Always at the church and never a bride
Once I told you I nearly tried

Hey, get out of my way, I cannot stay
I cannot adore you
You lied, there's nothing inside
Saddle up a dream and we're off on a ride
Once I told you I nearly tried


You arrive here unexplained
I can't believe the chance you took
I can't believe you're back again
Sister come in from the rain
Those images are fading now
You shouldn't bring them back again

In the othertime, in a bargain basement
You were recognized
Then from time to time, much to my amazement
With each ensuing episode your elegance it really showed

Buildings blossom into view
The landscapes change, the people blur
I can't believe this interests you
I read that bedtime interview
I wish they wouldn't print those things
It only makes it hard for you


Weaving dissolving patterns
Forming our uncertain terms
Passing into history
Going to the worms
I'll wait for you forever
In my house all white with dust
Falling into lonely hours
Let the engines rust


And who could tell the difference
When the space is slim
A violation of the soul
Is it me or him
The earth belongs to everyone
Who ever loved or felt
Their touch belongs to everyone
Who's ever been to hell


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