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Tuesday, 09 October 2012


SONG: The Unguarded Moment

So hard finding inspiration
I knew you'd find me crying
Tell those girls with rifles for minds
That their jokes don't make me laugh
They only make me feel like dying
In an unguarded moment

So long, long between mirages
I knew you'd find me drinking
Tell those men with horses for hearts
That their jibes don't make me bleed
They only make me feel like shrinking
In an unguarded moment

So deep, deep without a meaning
I knew you'd find me leaving
Tell those friends with cameras for eyes
That their hands don't make me hang
They only make me feel like breathing
In an unguarded moment

SONG: In A Heartbeat

Your room is damp, your love's turning cold
Where is the meaning I thought we could hold
I can't believe what's happened to you
I stand back and watch, there's nothing I can do

What poetry, a delicious joke
All your flame going up in smoke
Just once more, just once again
If I ever get caught here, you'll know who to blame

In a heartbeat and a heartbeat's all that it takes
In a heartbeat see your heartbreak

I play some records but the words are too strange
I call you sometimes but your number's been changed
I will remember every smile and tear
But when I listen to you I don't want to hear

SONG: Too Fast For You

Come down, another day
Morning streaked on a perspex screen
The screaming beaked blackbirds peck
The wrecked eyes of last week's lies
The sandman gets shallow sleep
He tries to weep for the grown-up things
One last peep for policemen
A'resting in the woodland side so steep

Oh and I hope I'm not going too fast for you
And don't believe it when they say it's over
It's not over

There's an ice age due on Wednesday
Overcast sky, blocks of fortune
The bridges sigh, the sweethearts are blank
They never thank, you know they never even try
Winking at the paperboy, paperwork
Overloaded portrait
Let it jerk you back to yesterday
That's where the curtains start to fray

SONG: Tear It All Away

People say to see is to believe
Then they just believe in that they can perceive
What they see is not the total view
Filtered between the me and you
Ah, but I'm trying so hard
Just to tell you I care
And I've wanted so long, to tear this all away
Tear it all away
People say well you just had to be there
And all the time you know they've never been there
And it makes me sad to sit and think
Of all those empty souls nearly at the brink
Ah, but I'm trying so hard
Just to keep to myself
The things that I hope will tear it all away
Tear it all away
People grow up and learn to drive some car
But I did that and it doesn't get you far
The things you want are never to be found
And in the end it's all some running round
Ah, but I'm trying so hard
Just to open my eyes
To seeing some things that tear it all away
Tear it all away
I thought you would know
I thought you would know
People say they think that they are sure
But they turn away and don't go back no more
What they saw was not a perfect sight
Just their own face reflected in the night
Ah, but I'm trying so hard
Just to tell you it's now
And I'm gonna keep on trying
To tear it all away

SONG: Sisters

Anna sits beside her research
Silence in the dappled moonlight
Sleeping cat and dying fire
Embers of the past conspire
All her books are closed and scattered
And she feels that nothing matters to her

Outside this dream her sister frequents
Like a cobweb catching fragments
She approaches like a vision
She says "Anna, do you hear me?"
But the picture's always shuttered
All the distant thoughts that flutter to her

I can see them all, I can hear them call
And as she falls I lean to say good-bye
Breathing all the wasted hours
Talking to the dying flowers
Dwarfed by spires and tangled towers
We don't ask the reason why

Anna comes and goes in shadows
Paintings of the open windows

Her photograph is always faded
Her sister's eyes are blank and shaded
Don't you understand her science
Merging in a strange alliance to her

We're together in the future
You and I and her together
All our fated are intermingled
We are plural, we are single
We are leaving for a meeting
And last seen the weather sleeting for her

SONG: Is This Where You Live

Oceanic lights are cleverly dim
Bluish features in the lower reaches
We raise our traffic flares to him
Fishnet, girlish, the red ones spark
Holy arcs tracked in the dark
The more I see, the less I look
Here's another name I took
Listen! In the early morning air
The remnants of their eveningwear
Branching off, the road winds east
Deluxe locations just near completion
Come dine with wine and oyster feast
The pearls are real, have one for free
They're washed up by the foam waved sea
The more I look the less I smile
Never mind let's stay awhile
The fans blow secrets on the night
Out of mind but not out of sight
Is this where you live
Broken voices the nylon choir
Nothing left to stoke that fire
All they own is on their tongues
They never see or wonder if
Is this where you live
Thin dogs don't vie for bones
Why desert just to be alone
All they own is on their backs
They can't believe it's you I'm with
Is this where you live
Don't blush as I brush your touch
No need for any speed or rush
All you own is on the floor
I'm buying all you're gonna give
Is this where you live
Coffee stories, the lying truth
Electric lights don't help my youth
All I owned is on my face
Urbane mirror anger myth
Is this where you live

SONG: Almost With You

See the chains which bind the men
Can you taste their lonely arrogance
It's always too late
And your face is so cold
They struggled for this opulence
See the suns which blind the men
Burnt away so long before our time
Now their warmth is forgotten and gone
Pretty maids not far behind

Who you trying to get in touch with
I'm almost with you
I can sense it wait for me
I'm almost with you
Is this the taste of victory
I'm almost with you

See the dust which fills your sleep
Does it always feel this chill near the end
I never dreamed we'd meet here once more
This life reserved for a friend

SONG: Fraulein

One night I saw all this
The ship that drifted in
And from that afternoon you changed
Some fallen leaves were in the drive
A stranger's voice above the wind
The difference was the color of Lorraine

She said that mourning almost tasted blue
Oh Fraulein, that was you

Your phone would ring and ring and ring
The shadows on the beat
The car abandoned long before, when I was free
A message crumpled said something
Yet the language was unknown
Are old mistakes forgotten just like me

She said she's leaving with the crowds
She wants to throw this all away
She said I'm thinking this out loud
That's what I thought you'd say

One night I saw all this
The man who paid the bill
A glance along the noise
Hey baby that's our song
The seagulls all flew away
And when I turned to ask you where
And when I turned to ask you why
You've gone

SONG: You've Got To Go

There's a distant light shining over you tonight
You've been transformed, you'll always be my storm
In the Tuscan dusk you're swooning under moons of musk
You touch the texture of the tiles and miles away
A visitor waits for you to show
You've got to go

In the plum sun dunes rippling to a frail tune
You've been conveyed, you'll always be my lifetimes blade
Along the alpine drive uncertain how to be alive
You love the fragments of a smile and miles away
A courier invokes your name you know
You've got to go

And another heart breaks, you're wasting all the time it takes
You've been assigned, you'll never be too far behind
Wait for a bus to come, you know another verse to hum
You thrust the windows for a while and miles away

Your servants searching high and low
You've got to go
You better go


SONG: Life Speeds Up

The clouds in the sky are all rushing by
A stare's just a backwards glance
The years and the days are all melting away
Yet you still won't take a chance

But life speeds up, don't you know, don't you know

The push and the throb, the threat of the mob
The crack's not a secret this time
The mouths and the doors, now I can't shut anymore
Keep running, you're falling behind

The world spins alone, the weight of it groans
I get dizzy just turning the page
The air holds us down and we're stuck on the ground
Trying to slip off our age

Come to the window come to the door
Given under my hand given under the law
I gave you everything you still want more
They gave you some mad forgotten war

Now it's time to slow things down
Because I told you life speeds up

Tell me how it happened did it hurt did you cry
Did you ever feel yourself falling out of the sky
Did you ever lie awake and wonder why
Did you ever fall asleep and dream that you died

We grind to a halt and we start again
We come to a corner but it's only a bend
And all those broken promises they never end
Who cares if it's mad when it's only pretend

SONG: When You Were Mine

On a day like this, a hundred lifetimes ago
You on a shore, across the point
I looked through my hands and you drew me a line
When you were mine
On a world like this, a hundred turns left to go
Deep in a room, which I've never seen
Outside it's so cold but I'm waiting for time
When you were mine

Plenty of islands between now and then
Rocks break the boats of the painted face men
And they drown, and they're born
And they live once again
And this all happens
When you were mine

In a storm like this, a hundred kisses of snow
You with another so easily sleep
What's real and what's dreamt become close and entwine
When you were mine

SONG: Electric Lash

The electric lash of trees in the studio
Fills my head with light
Only the voice of the girl on the radio
Falling from a height
I turn to leave as if in a cameo
It doesn't feel quite right
Only one thing you ever really know
If it's day or night
Our eyes meet and I love her
I suspect she already knows
How those eyes see me so very very clearly
Even when they're closed
The electric lash of trees in the studio
A bite then a caress
Only the voice of the girl on the radio
Drifting from the west
I turn to leave as if in a cameo
A moon, a knot, a guess
Only one thing you ever really know
You might curse before you bless

SONG: The Night Is Very Soft

Tiny drops of water glistened on her black fur
Taillights in earshot, headlights shine through her
And on legs crossed on the red surge settee
Sat next to nothing and she looked right through me, and on
Inside the car sat a sulky blonde
And on her lap the road went on and on
As she dresses I look to the ground
Perhaps I know where the place can be found, and on
Outside, the night is very soft, but where does it end
We'd pile into the Buick, but you've got to have money for that
92 people taking it too fast
They never noticed where their lines are cast, and on
I've got a milk white electric guitar
Walked in the shop and I peeled off the notes
Oh yeah

SONG: Autumn Soon

The puppetmaster understands the need
The jury needs to feel the greed
And seeds revolve and grow and bleed
The underlife tick tocks
Pushing through my safe ideas
Goodbye heroica you overdosed on years
I ask you for a midnight, you give me a high noon
When winter puts her hands on you
It must be autumn soon

Whatever happened to the leaves that used to fall
Where's the candle I left spluttering in the hall
What's the meaning of the siren's call
I blame it on you all
The underlife tick tocks
And chimes away between
Goodbye heroica, you're not needed for this scene
The flaming dying sunset has collapsed like a balloon

When winter puts her hands on you
It must be autumn soon

I thought I heard her voice upon the tide
It was only the shells and stones that sighed
Old Neptune tosses in the deep and scalds his mermaid bride
And you know, I really tried
The underlife tick tocks
And changes into ash
Goodbye heroica we only accept a cache
I'm here to give you everything, do I have to stoop or croon
When winter puts her hands on you
It must be autumn soon

SONG: It's No Reason

Crocodile skin water, city shadows wait
Put your head into your hands, the ending is so great
Take a ride to sundown, buy a ticket home
Take all the things I've bought you, leave all the rest alone
Marble skins turn human, people fade to gray
Put your head into my hands we'll make them go away
As you're crying softly, you won't ever be disturbed
Red on pink, the sun will sink, have you even heard?
And the colors take me down
It's no reason to be sad
And you leave without a sound
It's no reason to be glad
Salty tears are wasted, children lie awake
Put your head into my hands, don't let your spirit break
Black smoke from the chimneys, white smoke from the hills
Everything is moving, but we're standing still
Celebrations fading, boats upon the waves
Put your head into my hands, trying to be brave
The carnival has packed up, the storm has left us peace
Poppies sleep undamaged, we drive into the east

SONG: Someone Special

I said I've had visions of weeping
She said I've had the same about you
They come to me sometimes when I'm sleeping
I said that's a way for me too
Now it's been a long time and I don't have the mind
To justify what we've been through
Logic is fine and science can be kind
But it can't define me and you

Yet I thought I had something special to say
But this nightmarish world
Makes you throw your thoughts away
As though I was someone special today

We say why are the innocent bleeding
Is there not a thing we can do
They say please swallow this trust we are feeding
And don't worry, it's bad for you
Now it's been a long show and I thought you should know
It's time for us to play our hand
But words are much too slow they lost meaning years ago
Isn't that how this began

Some say now! The truth is before us
Others say oh no this is not real
Some say be cruel then they'll adore you
Others say you can't touch till you feel
Now its been a long trip and its only the tip
Of the iceberg I'm trying to melt
Our tickets have been ripped and you've got to bite your lip
When you think about the way that felt

SONG: A Month Of Sundays

Badman's woman with that look in her eye
You stop to wonder as she passes by
Something inside you is never the same
Something outside you is always to blame
Follow her home where she lives with some friends
They have some good things to add to the blend
The games expanded, invaded the place
You're the only one who's forgotten his face
You're saying no no no I must be on my way
But it really has been a pleasant night
And you go so slow hope they'll ask you to stay
But indifference gives you a fright
Walking outside you come to a door
You go inside and you wonder what for
At least it's good to be out of the wind
You turn around and the clocks all begin
Just like the winter your memory thaws
Just like the ocean your memory pours
So many pieces to match or to find
So many doubts to have in one mind
It's hard to see how the tables have turned
It's hard to see how the people have learned
It's hard to watch the past drizzling past
It's hard to watch them picking the cast
And it stacks up badly that it never makes sense
You sense that sensation is who's paying the rent
And she beckons to you with her fingers and lies
She says: can't you slice the price of your paradise

SONG: Shadow Cabinet

Now chased by the shapes of your vows
Look at the things she allows
Junction fever must have closed down the rail
The gluttonous wind keeps on nibbling the sail
Queuing in the ruins in the wake of the gale
It's harmony I say

Hear the difference between close and near
The way oaths and oafs interfere

Bliss comes first as a jangling flood
Pillow from the old country arrives with a thud
That night now she drinks ceremony and mud
It's happening I say

Must be thirsty, drink, drink, sink, forget
Must be empty inside the shadow cabinet

She offered her chaos to me
Proffered herself languidly

The eldritch bitch must have muddled her spells
Tinges of Persia, I hope that it sells
Chemical nuptials and ringing the bells
It's heavenly I say

Must be thirsty, drink, drink, sink, forget
Must be empty inside the shadow cabinet

Then one winter morning you walk through the trees
But they cut them all down for the factories
Made this pretty cabinet and gave you the keys
It's hardly used I think

Must be thirsty, drink, drink, sink, forget
Must be empty inside the shadow cabinet

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