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Steve and the music business Print E-mail
Monday, 01 January 1990
Steve talks to the Daily Telegraph about the music business and naming Gold Afternoon Fix

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia)
Early 1990


Church prays for miracle

By Chris Blanche

Steve  Kilbey -- lead singer and bassist with Australian band The Church -- believes the “better at business you become, the more your music will suffer.”

“I’m a musician and I’m right out of the business side of things,” he said this week.

But he does like making money, even if rock and roll’s business jungle turns him off.

“But that’s just a side effect of what I do. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the business. I just don’t exist in it. The words, music and business sort of cancel each other out.”

He cites Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger as examples of good rockers settling for the dollar.

“All those guys were really good. But as soon as they started pulling in huge bucks and became megastars in America, they stepped off their original track and just chased the bucks,” he said.

“David Bowie’s most successful record was Let’s Dance which is like the beginning of the end for me.”

Although The Church is one of Australia’s most acclaimed bands, Kilbey, who’s now producing a record for left-of-centre band The Bhagavad Guitars, says he avoids the rock music push.

“I don’t exist in that world. I’ve got my little trip happening and I don’t poke my head out of it to check what someone in Australia said,” he said.

“I take it all in like a whale swimming along. But none of it really makes me think anymore.

“And I don’t care.”

The Church’s latest single offering, Metropolis, is already charting in Australia and the United States.

Following a two-year break, the band has produced its seventh album, Gold Afternoon Fix.

“I had a list of names (for the album) and Gold Afternoon Fix was one of them,” Kilbey said, admitting he had got the title from watching TV.

“I was watching the stock market report, the guy said it and I thought it was a potential title if ever there was one.

“But now everyone around has some strange concern that it’s about drugs. But I don’t care. As long as people don’t think I’m trying to lead their children astray.”

The Church -- made up of Kilbey, Marty Willson-Piper and Peter Koppes -- is 10 years old.

It has already scored a number of local and overseas hits, including Seance, Heyday and The Blurred Crusade.

However, The Church’s greatest success to date has been the last album. Starfish, and its single Under The Milky Way, which sold thousands of copies worldwide.

Kilbey is also working on other projects. he has just produced an album for Curious Yellow.

“Producing other people’s records gives me a different perspective on my own music,” he said.

“I have all different perspectives on my music except the one I can’t have and that is what the stranger, hearing it for the first time, really thinks.

“You have no idea what effect you rmusic will really have on someone else.”

However, he admits that’s part of the attraction of what he does.

* * *

Don’t miss big chance to win an Afternoon Fix

You’ve heard the single, Metropolis, now listen to the album, Gold Afternoon Fix, which is racing up the local and overeseas music charts.

The Daily Telegraph and Mushroom Records are offering you the chance to win two tickets to the first Church concert in Australia for two years, a CD of Gold Afternoon Fix, the new Church 12in record, a T-shirt and poster.

There are also 19 Church prize packs to be won, each containing a Gold Afternoon Fix album, plus the new Church poster.

To enter, send the coupon on page 28 to the address provided.

The first correct entry received wins the first prize of concert tickets and CD, and the next 19 correct entries received each win a prize pack.


Transcribed by Mike Fulmer

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