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Announcement upon signing Arista contract Print E-mail
Sunday, 01 March 1987
Juke magazine writes about the Church's label changes in 1987.

Juke (Australia)
c. March 1987



On the eve of solo releases by Church members Steve Kilbey and Marty Willson-Piper, the band has announced they’ll be signing a worldwide contract with US label Arista and a local lease deal through Mushroom.

The next Church album is as yet unrecorded and unscheduled although there are strong indications that the band’s previous label EMI (who owns the rights to the band’s previously released material) may be issuing a Church compilation LP before the end of the year. There are rumors that it may even be a double album, with side one and two consisting of greatest hits and side three and four bearing B-sides and previously unreleased material. At press time EMI would neither confirm nor deny the validity of the rumors.

EMI’s Sydney office last week couldn’t say whether or not there would be a Church compilation album at all, although the Melbourne office said “there will be a Church compilation released, ideally we’d like the Church to be involved and if we could include B-sides and unreleased tracks etcetera, that would be great.”

“There have been a lot of ideas submitted, but there are no definite plans in relation to track listing, title or release date as yet,” the EMI spokesperson said.

Last week Juke contacted Steve Kilbey in an effort to clear up some of the incoherence surrounding the group’s future plans. Kilbey confirmed that the band will be signing new local and worldwide deals:

“The truth at the moment is we’re signing to Arista Records in America, worldwide, and we’ve signed to Mushroom Records in Australia and New Zealand,” Kilbey said.

“We’ve currently got about eight producers who we’re looking at and who are looking at us -- listening to bits and pieces that we’ve done and deciding how lucrative, or credible, or whatever it would be for them to work with us and for us to work with them.

“The date and venue for our next recording hasn’t been chosen,” he said.

“There’s some songs and bits and pieces written, but no-one knows what’s gonna be used yet... it’s still pretty disorganised at the moment -- like you know, if ‘Joe Blow the Big Producer’ rang up and said I want you guys in Geneva next week, then the album would begin next week, however if ‘Joe Blow the Big Producer’ said ‘I want to produce you, but it won’t be until June’, we might hang out till then, but it’s really hard to say. There’s really no time specified yet -- we haven’t even actually signed the contracts yet -- it’s kind of all up in the air.”

The Church were dropped by EMI earlier this year after the lukewarm sales reaction to their critically-acclaimed Heyday LP.

On the Church touring front things seem just as vague as the recording plans:

“Well the initial idea was we all thought we were gonna be in the studio in February and we were gonna tour after that, but it seems silly to do a tour before our new album comes out. On the other hand -- even if we started recording now -- the new album wouldn’t be out until July or August, so it looks like we won’t be touring for ages. But you know, if ‘Joe Blow the Big Producer’ says ‘I can’t work with you until June’ then I think we will do a tour, because it’s just too long not to play. I mean it’s like a football team that never practices... you just get really rusty.”

On the solo front, Steve Kilbey will be releasing his second solo album, in conjunction with a book of prose -- both called Earthed -- in May, on the Red Eye label.

Kilbey said the album is entirely instrumental, whilst the book is “some kind of disjointed story.”

Marty Willson-Piper is reported to have completed his solo album, which is expected to be released on Sydney’s Chase label in about five weeks time. According to a spokesperson from Chase Records the LP will be self-titled.

“Marty had a lot of songs and home demos that he’d recorded over the years and this LP will highlight those tracks.

“It’s not meant to be the definitive Marty Willson-Piper solo album, and a booklet will come with the LP fully explaining why it was he released it,” the spokesperson said.



Transcribed by Mike Fulmer

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