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The Church
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Early interview with Steve, describing other band members Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 January 1981

Unknown Australian source
1981 (Steve says Richard Ploog, who was born in Oct. 1962, was 19 years old)

The Church

You all seem to be such different types of people. Is it difficult maintaining a working balance within The Church?

Oh yeah. Sometimes it’s just havoc! I’ve never met anyone like the other three guys. We’re all laws unto ourselves! Peter’s incredibly moody, very intense. Watch the television clips and you can see how Peter is such a dark, brooding person. He can sink to the depths of despair and then suddenly bounce back and be extremely elated. He tends to ping-pong between the two.

Richard is the most blasé nineteen-year-old person I’ve ever met in my life. We could sell ten million albums and he wouldn’t get affected by it.

Marty’s generally a sort of very happy, easy-to-get-along-with person. Every so often he’ll go through this thing where he gets very unwilling and stubborn, sort of petulant in a way. And, of course, the bigger the band gets, all of these individual qualities start to become more and more exaggerated.

How does the band go about approaching the arrangements of the songs?

Usually, the general melody line comes from me--the lead motifs. The solos come from Peter and Martin. The way they interact, the jingle-jangle and the rhythms, the counterpoint, comes entirely from them. It’s purely their own thing and I couldn’t take any credit whatsoever for what they do.

When I take a song along to rehearsal all of that kind of thing just starts up automatically. The first time the band plays it the guys just start doing it right away. So, even though it sounds incredibly arranged and complex, it isn’t at all. It’s quite natural. That’s the way it just comes out.

You’ve become the focal point of The Church, as the lead vocalist and chief song-writer. Do you find the attention difficult to deal with?

Yeah. Sometimes I feel bad that the other three have to put up with the things that I say because, when someone asks you a question, everyone assumes that you’re automatically the spokesman for the whole band and that’s just not the situation at all! I can’t speak for anyone else, that’s just not the way it is.

With all its obvious meanings, why did you call the band The Church?

Well, there are so many reasons, yet there’s no reason whatsoever. I know that this sounds arrogant, but hopefully people come to see us and we can and do put them in some kind of spiritual mood, which is what going to a church will do. It’s a good collective noun. It’s a bit cheeky. What I’ve always tried to do with The Church is be able to put people in that ‘mood’ and then let their own subconscious do the talking. We’re sort of aesthetes, I guess. I just hope that we’re turning people on to something a little different. I mean, I know when I was fifteen or sixteen listening to Marc Bolan, it turned me on to something that I’ve never forgotten.

Are you surprised by your overseas success, particularly with the dreaded British rock press critics?

I don’t know. Some days I’m full of doubt and some days I think that nothing can really stop us. Really, I try not to think too much about what’s happening overseas.


Transcribed by Mike Fulmer

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