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Arty Marty - Marty talks about Rhyme Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 January 1991

From a newspaper music section called "On The Town". By Kathy McCabe


Arty Marty

Definition of multiculturalism: interviewing the only British member of an internationally acclaimed Australian group from his home in Stockholm

While there is no grand prize for guessing the artist, Church guitarist Marty Willson-Piper is taking some time out to give  the odd promotional push to his newly released second solo album Rhyme.

The "art rock" LP was released in the US at the end of last year but record distribution deal changes in Australia held up its release here. First warning about Rhyme is that if you are expecting another Gold Afternoon Fix or Starfish, forget it. Rhyme retains a psychedelic feel but investiages other soundscapes to produce a whole which stands on its own. Recorded in Stockholm with good friend Andy Mason co-producing, the album also uses a wide variety of instruments to complement Willson-Piper's trademark guitar.The most bizarre of these is bagpipes on "Forever". Other instruments were provided by musician friends who were more than happy to lend a hand on the album.


Overseas media have struggled to pigeon-hole Willson-Piper's music with one scribe actually comparing his voice with Neil Diamond's. That comparison drew hysterical laughter from Marty because of a private joke among The Church members when it comes the legendary singer.

"When we do soundchecks Steve (Kilbey) always has this joke where he starts singing Sweet Caroline," he explained.

"The funniest thing was when we were recording Starfish in Los Angeles, he was in the next studio to us and we actually met him.

Willson-Piper describes his music as melodic art rock.

"There is a certain style of music which I liked a lot in the 70s and it was very melodic," he said.

"Some of the Moody Blues' was great - but there is as much of the Beatles in my music as there is Moody Blues."

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