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Review at Tivoli, Sydney May 1987 Print E-mail
Sunday, 24 May 1987

Live review from May 24th 1987, with some Starfish tracks getting aired before Starfish was released.  This is from On The Street.

The Church
Tivoli, May 24 1987
It's been six months since The Church played in Sydney and 18 months since they've had anything released on vinyl, for those dedicated fans, it's been a long wait. Solo projects from various members relieved the situation slightly - some of which are still trickling through, but it's not quite the same as the entire band working on the live circuit.

To a Tivoli that was reminiscent of the proverbial sardine tin, The Church powered their way through what was the final show of a short three-week Australian Tour. Starting with "When you Were Mine" and playing older material mixed with a good selection of new songs, the guys tempted and tantalized the ever zealous audience for a good two hours.

Of the new material, especially memorable were "Blood Money", "Aerial" [SC: Antenna?] and one that Marty Willson-Piper has been doing in his solo set - "In Reflection" [SC: Spark?] which definitely sounded much better with the full backing of the band.

Dessert consisted of two encores...the finale being the brilliant Church standard "You Took". This of course turned into a sing-along-with-Steve number although Steve had other ideas and stopped half way through to ponder on whether it would have been better to play "Unguarded Moment' - to the bemusement of the audience.

These guys always seem to pull a gem album track out of the closet for their tours, this time it was "Now I Wonder Why" from the Seance album -which was received with just as much enthusiasm as every other song they performed tonight.

Peter Koppes took a more predominant role in proceedings, even to the point of doing lead vocals on one song - this sent the audience into a case of mild shock, but they still gave a hearty round of applause at its completion.

The Church are preparing to go overseas at the moment to record - and with the splattering of new material in the set, the long-awaited album looks likely to achieve the brilliance of the wondrous "Heyday" - if not exceed it.

Allyson Moore

On The Street

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