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Sing Songs review from RAM: mocking Print E-mail
Friday, 01 January 1982

This review of the Sing Songs EP from RAM magazine takes the tone of a mocking English teacher. 

RAM (late 82, early 83)
The Church
Sing Songs (Mini album)

First of all, I want to warn all of you up the back that this term there will be no sniggering about the Byrds, Roger McGuinn's 12-string, or paisley shirts when we mention the Church. These sort of impure thoughts can lead to beastliness and fits of hysterical laughter, besides being a shocking example for the lower forms who are too young to remember Turn! Turn! Turn!

Now, some of you may be wondering why a truly cheesy rendition of I Am A Rock, the maudlin and mouldering Simon & Garfunkel hit, has been included - especially as this is a mini-album with only five tracks. Has Mr Kilbey's muse departed? Did they have to make up the numbers with this stale leftover from last year's sessions with producer Bob Clearmountain?

'I have my books / And my poetry to protect me'...Perhaps Kilbey sympathises with Paul Simon's solution to failed relationships. The man certainly does love his poetry; the three songs that involve other people are not very happy, and the other one, A Different Man, presents an edless cycle of introspection...Your first essay topic is STEVE KILBEY and the UNDERGRADUATE COFFEE HOUSE POET TRADITION.

The music is the next matter. Here our task is to decide a) whether any developments have been made on the Blurred Crusade, and b) can we cop it in general? Immediate differences: the new material is slower paced, less bouyant than hits like Almost With You and When Your Were Mine; the preference for doleful minor key melodies is even more pronounced; and the instruments do less and are less prominently mixed, while the vocal choruses and counterparts have increased. Personally, I much preferred the bigger guitars and punchier rhythm section of Blurred Crusade, but don't let this influence your evaluation. The second essay title is CHURCH MUSIC: inherent Contradictions Of The Tinkling Dirge.

Finally, before you pick up your pens, I urge you to remember that this is serious and sensitive music, and that lots of serious and sensitive people the world over - well, one or two countries anyway - are buying it. Do not approach it with any misuigded levity or a puerile desire for fun.

Dr G. Taylor, Ph. D, D.D., LL.B., Diploman (Hons) Good Housekeeping

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