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Starfish review 4 stars Print E-mail
Friday, 01 January 1988

Unknown source, probably English.

The story of the Church is a funny old drama. Ever since they began people have been saying what a totally brilliant group they are now and how its only a matter of time before they become a household name, while at the same time not actually buying many of their records.

So the Church apparently decided that it was time they wrote an album-full of songs with more of a chance of commercial success than their previous ones but also keeping their all-important "serious" image.

Amazingly they have achieved exactly what they wanted the the oddly titled "Starfish". Under the Milky Way, complete with with so-called bagpipes in the middle) aside, there are a number of sparkling pop tunes on Starfish i.e. every one of them. Only once do th e Church "rock out" (as they say) which is on "Spark", and the others, for the most part, are more thoughtful, wistful warblings. [SC: I'm shaking my head here...Reptile, NSEW don't "rock out"?] 

All, of course, have the unmistakable (and often unfathomable) lyrical style The Church are well known for, so not surprisingly it occasionally sounds a mite pretentious, but hte end result is a rather fantastic and cuddly album.

 Andy Fyfe

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