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Mae Moore interview Print E-mail
Friday, 14 January 1994
From the PHOENIX GAZETTE, January 14, 1994:
Canadian Rock Star Finds Roots Down Under-

"I was a really shy teenager and all through my 20's, painfully shy," 
says singer Mae Moore, [a song ?] that was used on the soundtrack 
of the Tom Cruise action flick "Top Gun."

Moore parlayed that brief pop music success into a recording contract in 
Canada.  Her debut, 1990's "Oceanview Motel," sold about 30,000 copies 
and won her a Vancouver Music Award.  But her label, Sony Music, was 
interested in Moore becoming a commercially successful artist.  They 
encouraged her to co-write with a long list of songwriters,...

".....some really formula rock writers,"  Moore says.  "I was not 
interested in that."

She fended off all suggestions until the Church's Steven Kilbey was 
mentioned.  He ended up producing "Bohemia," co-writing three of the 
album's songs.

"He was one of their last choices," Moore says."...interested me the 
most.  I really like him for his sense of melody and his lyrics.  He's 
very familiar around acoustic instruments and I'm also a fan of the 

Moore says the eye-opening experience of flying to Sydney, Australia, to 
co-write with Kilbey was the inspiration for "Bohemia."

"It's quite cosmopolitan and there's a really vibrant music scene there.  
Every other person I bumped into was a musician and there's bars on every 
corner and the liquor laws are really lax.  Basically, it's a very lively 

And Steven Kilbey's entourage and environment was a little dark and 
seedy.  There were really lots of good bits to glean from that, without 
saying anything else."
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