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Steve talks about playing at an Australian music festival Print E-mail
Wednesday, 03 December 2003

The Church's frontman Steve Kilbey admits to being "anti-festival". But one of Australia's most enduring bands join Homebake for the first time this weekend.

"We'll try this one and see what happens," Steve says.



"We are a night-time band but we'll be playing during the day. And it's a bit hard to decide what songs to do. I don't want to play any old songs at all but the rest of the band believe we have to do a couple at least. I'm not sure what people at Homebake want to hear but I am not a fan of nostalgia."

Like most artists who have managed to eke out a career in the fickle music business, Steve has neither the time or inclination to examine their legacy.

He does not think in terms of the hits - Under The Milky Way, Almost With You and Unguarded Moment - but of the exciting prospect of turning fans onto their new repertoire.

With the band's current album, Forget Yourself, marking their return to an edgier rock sound, The Church's Homebake gig couldn't be more timely.

Their inclusion on the bill with the Beasts Of Bourbon and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds highlights the ever-expanding eclecticism of the Sydney festival, which endeavours to highlight the best of Australian music.

Organisers Joe Segreto and Jessica Ducrou dispute they are attempting to pay tribute to the legacy of these bands. "I've been trying to get Nick Cave for four years but he only got the message this year," Joe laughs.

"The Church though, above and beyond, is a national icon who have had huge international hits and are still making excellent music. You will always find a legendary act on these festival bills and we just happen to have three this year.

"And these acts sell tickets as well as being personal favourites."

The Church perform at 6.20pm on The Dome stage at homebake.

kathy mccabe

Didn't The Church call it quits in the '90s? Despite a Spinal Tap roster of drummers, the only other founding member to quit was Peter Koppes and he's now back in the fold.

Will there be a moshpit in front of the Dome stage? Probably not but you never know what can happen with late thirtysomething Beasts fans and too much VB.



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