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Steve talks about growing up in the country and El Momento Descuidado Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 November 2005

Steve talks to the Illawara Mercury about El Momento Descuidado and mentions his early life in Dapto.


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Sunday: Yallah Roadhouse

Tickets $34.40 (show only)

Vocalist and bass player Steve Kilbey is no stranger to the Illawarra.

In fact, the frontman for The Church explains the region has influenced his music in many ways because of a childhood connection to the region.

"From age four to nine I lived in Dapto and went to Dapto Primary School," he explains from his Sydney home.

"I'm not a nostalgic guy but there are a lot of things I still draw on that come from there. For example I remember doing a class play and walking up Byamee St to the community centre. That's where I got this complete fetish for backstage.

"That has stayed with me all my life. I like the feeling of being backstage and waiting to go on. It still gives me a thrill."

Kilbey returns to the region this weekend for a gig at the Yallah Roadhouse.

The performance promised to be different from anything The Church fans had experienced before.

"We all got together and had rehearsals for five or six days last week and it's sounding very promising," he says.

"It's all completely acoustic. We have never really toured anything like this before. We have had a go but people started bringing on electric guitars. This is the first time it has been acoustic all the way through."

The tour follows on from The Church's release El Momento Descuidado; an album which featured reworked versions of some of the group's most popular songs as well as a few new recordings.

The album, which was nominated for an ARIA award and listed in the top 5 for Best Adult Contemporary Album for 2005, was recorded in only two or three days and was a surprising success, Kilbey says.

"We're really trying to strip back to the essence and rebuild with as little fuss and fanfare as possible," he says.

"The music is very much stripped back. We're not attempting to re-present the songs ... The Church has always piled on the extra stuff because we're good at that and known for that.

"This just accidentally came out good. (When I got my copy) I came home and played it to my wife. We just sat there in the dark and listened to it for the first time.

"I was pretty surprised by the effect of the album. It was great but it wasn't something we were aiming for. It just snuck up."

The Church's history dates back to 1981 and the release Of Skins and Hearts which featured the hit single The Unguarded Moment.

From there the group released a number of albums including Heyday, Starfish, Priest=Aura and, in 1999, a collection covers titled A Box of Birds.

Kilbey says El Momento Descuidado explores songs from across The Church's diverse history including The Unguarded Moment, which has been redeemed in his eyes thanks to the acoustic version.

"The Unguarded Moment I really hated about two minutes after it was a hit and I went on hating it ever since," he says.

"I realise now it's not the song that's so bad. Just the performance because it's all guitar fanfare and melodrama. Now we have found that stripped back way of doing it it's not too bad."

In fact, Kilbey says the acoustic versions of the songs have been such a hit with the band, the group was planning to record another album.

That would come after the release of an album in February of songs recorded around El Momento Descuidado.

"Uninvited Like The Clouds was made before and after El Momento Descuidado. That record we worked on for months doing this and that to it and jam sessions to write it, mix it.

"El Momento Descuidado was just bang. We went in played, mixed over and obviously that works for us. It's funny because sometimes the simplest thing can be the hardest thing to take the time to do. It's taken me a long time to know less is more and sometimes simple is better."


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