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Short interview about Jack Frost around second album Print E-mail
Friday, 15 March 1996

Just a couple of short quotes from Grant and Steve about Jack Frost.


SE Metro

HD Cold Front In Guitarsville

BY Story By Barry Divola

WC 242 words

PD 15 March 1996

SN Sydney Morning Herald


PG 13

LA English

CY Copyright of John Fairfax Group Pty Ltd


Steve Kilbey (the Church) and Grant McLennan (ex-Go Betweens) - two of the most literate and once-so-serious of Australian musicians. One can just imagine what they're getting up to in Brisbane, rehearsing for the first live dates of their "supergroup" duo, Jack Frost. Perhaps a spot of poetry reading while practising those arty looks in the mirror?

"We're trying on our glam overalls at the moment," quips Kilbey - he who once donned many a paisley shirt.



"Steve's been doing a little bit of soft-shoe since he's been up here," McLennan says. "But, apart from that, it's just two Australian men in their 30s playing really great songs on acoustic guitars."

If they ever decide to make the movie When Steve Met Grant, the opening shot would be New York, 1988. The Go-Betweens were playing a small show in a record shop and Kilbey went along and introduced himself.

Jack Frost was formed in 1990, and their first album released. Almost six years later is the follow-up, Snow Job, on Kilbey's new label, Karmic Hit. It opens with the line: "We got some rifles and they're loaded, too", and casts the pair as the Everly Brothers from an alternative universe.

After this maiden tour by Jack Frost, The Church is due to release a new album, while McLennan records his next solo opus.

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