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Two 'All Quotes' interviews about Blurred Crusade Print E-mail
Saturday, 01 May 1982

Updated/edited in June 2010 when better copy was found

A rather unusual interview here, with a quote from Steve followed by a quote from a poet or another musician.

These come from an Australian street paper called Roadrunner, Vol 5 No 4, May 1982


The Thoughts Of Chairman Kilbey

Steve Kilbey's not talking to the press at the moment. Donald Robertson was really cut up at this, but one day the following document arrived in the mail. 'Found on the back seat of a mushroom coloured Bentley' said a covering note.

Take the idea of the masses and concentrate them, then go to the masses, persvere in the ideas and carry them through, so as to form the correct ideas of leadership.
Mao Tse-Tung, June 1, 1943. 

If it was up to me Donald, I wouldn't release another single from the album. We've already got new material in the can which is fantastic. But which can't come out, cause we have to, it's in some rulebook somewhere, that when you release an album, you have to release two singles off it, in Australia. So if I could get out of that I would. 

Pop is the perfect religious vehicle. it's as if God had come down to Earth and seen all the ugliness that was being created and chosen popl to be the great force for Love and Beauty.
Donovan, 'Queen' magazine (1966) 

Like we recorded the album and then we were thinking God, what are we gonna release as a single. and Chris Gilbey called us in one day and said, "We've gotta get a single, boys," and we went aaagrrrgghhh. He said "Well the most representative track is 'Almost With You', although its obviously not going to be a hit." We agreed.

True poets will agree that poetry is spiritual illumination delivered by a poet to his equals, not an ingenious technique of swaying a popular audience or enlivening a sottish dinner party.
Robert graves, 'the White Goddess' (1946) 

Normally I would never write anything like that you see. But, I really wanted to write that song ('To Be In Your Eyes'). I really wanted to write a song like that, and I thought, damn it, you know, about the songs I feel that I'm supposed to write, that I'm obligated to write. I wanna write this. It's a very liberating experience. Cos I've gone on and written a few more like that. But for a while, I was a bit shy about showing the son to anyone. I don't know why. it just seemed a bit, kind of...when i was back in high school and first started writing songs, I used to write sort of embarrassing lyrics. Protest lyrics or something, and naturally I was pretty shy about showing them to me friends. Cos they'd go, 'Oh God, listen to his lyrics'. and now I feel more confident cos I've got the lyrics that are masked in a web of I don't know what.

 Good rock stars take drugs, put their penises in plaster of paris, collectivize their sex, molest policemen, promote self curiosity, unlock myriad spirits, epitomise fun, freedom and bullshit.
Richard Neville, 'Playpower' 1970 

I write mainly about things that happen at night. it's the grand old tradition of being romantic and poetic, isn't it?

There was the shared enthusiasm for sado-masochistic spy thrillers - 'The Man From UNCLE','The Avengers',the James Bond series, in all of which affectlessness is cultivated as a means to dignity, to be cool.
Jeff Nuttall, 'Bomb Culture' 1968 

This is a really silly thing to say, but I think the faster the song, the less good the band. My favourite bands have always been really slow bands. I'd go to a rock concert to be moved and somebody else goes to a rock concert to move themselves. That doesn't interest me at all. If they're coming along to see the Church and dance to a beat, I think they're missing the whole point. there's a good one. You can put that in big black letters across the whole thing, Donald.

How can a supreme being inhabiting eternity have a purpose? The absolute, the all, cannot change; how then could it wish to change? It is essentially illusion; and the deeper one enters into ones self the less one is influenced by such illusions.
Aleister Crowly, 'Diary Of A Drug Fiend' (1922)

 "The Melody Maker review is really over the top. It said we were - imagine the exceitement of Pete Townsend and Keith Moon, plus the exceitement of George Harrison playing guitar and Roger mcGuinn playing 'Eight Miles Hight', and he said all of these things are gloriously reactivated on the Church's first album. it was a real rave, but like a funny rave because it said, you'll love their posey paranoia and their TV tricks but it was kind of written in a f nice way. And it said, but this album will sell, or this group will sell millions of records. I wonder if its gonna come true? Cos the album, I don't think its selling that well in England. it's not selling as wwell as everyone would have hoped."

"Flower power was crippled from the off, a national joke, but the serious end of pop had learnet cunning. They left the flowers to kiddipop and concentrated on other more provocative underground facets - on love especially."
George Melly 'Revolt Into Style' 1970

 "I think there's only one love song on the album. And that's 'To Be In Your Eyes'. That's the only love song really. What other ones  love songs? 'When You Were Mine'? That's more about reincarnation. Most of the album is about reincarnation."

About half way through last year it dawned on me, that we've got a good shot overseas. But before that, no. When we started the group, my whole aim was to make a single, and get thrown out of the business after we'd done that. All I want to do is one day I can sit my grandkid down and say, here's a record I made.  And when I got the test pressing of that first single, that was as far as I'd looked. And I thought, well, I've achieved my ambition. Then it started to dawn on me last year, when we did the double single and when we were making the album, 'Blurred Crusade', I thought, "this music could happen overseas." I didn't really think, 'Of Skins and Heart' would be successful over there, so I discounted that. And my faith has been growing steadily from that point on. And now I have every confidence we can do it. At least in some countries overseas."

Then it's time to go downtown
Where the agent man won't let you down
Sell your soul to the company
who are there
to sell plasticware
And in a week or two
if you make the charts
The girls will tear you apart 
The Byrds, 'So You Wanna Be A Rock'n'Roll Star (1966)

The other three members are very image conscious of what The Church should be . And they're, Peter and Martin especially, and Richard now, have formulated how the Church sounds. Probably more than I have. I've written songs and those three guys have made it sound the way it does. So I have to write with them in mind all the time. I mean if you write a song that's in any way corny, then Richard just goes berserk. Richard's very, very, being the youngest member of the band, he's very conscious of what will be hip to play, you know. And so they prevent a lot of things from being played. Which is a good thing, but sometimes I think its a bad thing.

At that point Geoff became aware of thesmell of incense, of the slow, soft beat of a tom tom outside... 'It is time', said the Master. 'Acolytes, prepare the visitor.'
Attila Zohar, "Kings Cross Black Magic". 1965 

 When we were doing the animation for 'Tear It All Away', Paul Patty was in on that, and he's sort of like an enigmatic genius. And he said, 'What's the new album called?' and I said The Blurred Crusade. and he said 'I've got some pictures of some knights holding up a bird' I could imagine what it was like, so I said, great, we'll use it. As soon as the band saw the actual drawing everyone said, 'That's it. This will have to be the cover.'

"'Damosel', said Arthur 'What sword is that, that yonder the arm holdeth above the water? i would that it were mine, for I have no sword.'
'Sir Arthur, king,' said the damosel, 'that sword is mine, and if ye will give me a gift when I ask it you, ye shall have it.'
'By my faith,' said Arthur, 'I will give you what gift ye will ask.'"
Sir Thomas Malory, 'Le morte D'Arthur' (1485) 

 I'm very proud of it ('The Blurred Crusade'). I don't think I could have done anything better at the time."

He started a three hour rap about energy, electronics, drugs, politics, the nature of God and man's place in the divine system. laughing at his own brilliance, turning himself on, turning us on. Einsteinian physics and Buddhist philosophy translated into the fast, right, straight rhythm of acid-rock hip. 
Timothy Leary,'the Politics of Ecstasy' (1966) 

I'm getting a bit tired of the sort of people who talk to you and don't care. 

--transcribed by Brian Smith 
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