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The Church
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Press release for Remote Luxury Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 August 1984

This is an official Warner Bros press release, with their logo at the top of the first page. Funniest thing in here: picking Maybe These Boys as a "Church-classic". Time has not been kind to this document.


Media Information

The Church

Steve Kilbey -- lead vocals, bass guitar

Marty Willson-Piper -- guitars, vocals

Peter Koppes -- guitars

Richard Ploog -- drums 


Ask any of the legion of loyalists -- fans and critics alike -- to describe the music of The church, you're certain to get an intriguing cross-section of responses.

A sampling of press response aptly proves the point: "Maddeningly memorable..." "bright pop..." "cryptic lyrics and sleek vocals..." "quite simply timeless..." "gorgeous guitar soundscapes..." "enigmatic psychedelia to sentimental country..."

If all this paints an oblique picture of one of Australia's most popular and original bands, so be it. The Church, when all is said and done, is a band that defies catagorization [sic].

the seeds of The Church were planted in Steve Kilbey's bedroom back in 1976. Having tired of playing clubs, the singer/songwriter/bassist holed up with a four-track tape recorder and spent the next four years honing his considerable creative talents. He would, on occasion, be visited by Peter Koppes, who had played with Kilbey in several Australian outfits during the early Seventies. The two eventually added a drummer and The Church ventured into the real world as a trio, playing a handful of dates until friend and one-time fan Marty Willson-Piper was added on acoustic and electric guitars (with occasional song-writing credits). The later addition of permanent drummer Richard Ploog, the lineup was firmed. [sic - this sentence should have had "With" at the start of it.]

The Church's next move was to enter the studio, turning out a steady stream of original material for a growing number of appreciative and discerning Church fans. their vinyl portfolio to date included three LP's, two 12" EP's and a four song EP, all of which have enhanced the international reputation of The Church.

Remote Luxury is The Church's brand new album and their debut effort on Warner Bros. Records. Kilbey adds to an already impressive catalog of original tunes with such Church-classics as "Maybe These Boys", "A Month of Sundays" and the albums centerpiece, the brooding, orchestral instrumental "Remote Luxury".

The album is bristling with The Church's signature guitar textures, an ensemble approach that has earned them the title "the best guitar collection in Australia." [Shouldn't that be "collective"?] The group is currently gearing up for a tour of the U.S., to follow on the heels of what is undoubtedly the group's best album to date.

While The Church has as hard a time explaining what they do as anyone else, it is Steve Kiley who best sums up the glorious mysique of this extraordinary band. "The best artists make you feel like you're in on a joke that no one else quite understands." The music of The Church and the artists who fashion it, have let us in on a very rich secret indeed. 



--Transcribe by Brian Smith 

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