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Marty and his Shergold guitar Print E-mail
Friday, 01 January 1988

I don't know where this photo and brief interview came from, but it looks like around 1987/88.


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Marty Willson-Piper

lead guitarist of the church

Ever since spinal tap the idea of the guitar as a piece of craftsmanship or something to be treasured by its player has become a cliché. Guitars are like flares, they're fashion objects as much as they are instruments. The guitar I have with me - a Shergold Modulator 12-string, found in a second-hand shop in Melbourne - is one that I brought with me more for its obscurity and its exclusiveness than anything else. It's a guitar which I've never seen anybody else with, and for that reason I like the idea of having it.

It's quite a rare guitar, stylishly made, quite sculptured and rather artistic. it's the kind of guitar that whenever I play it people come up to me and say, 'What on earth is that?' Other guitars I play, like my Rickenbacker, have become clichés. People use them in photographs, they've become a sign of bringing back the unwanted sixties, and people like me, who merely play them because they are a wonderful piece of unclichéd craftsmanship, are faced with a problem. So consequently I have my Modulator with me so that the opinions of the cynics out there are not brought to the surface. thank you, good-night.

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