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Review of Eumundi show Print E-mail
Monday, 09 October 2006
Posted on by hiimpact.
The Eumundi show was a sell out. I'd say the venue would hold around 300 comfortably. A great result for an out of the way little town. Most of the crowd would have been 40+ which was a bit strange.

The night got off to a bad start. The Valentinos were forced to pull out due to the lead singer coming down with glandular fever. They were replaced with a god awful Irish folk band. I can't imagine what Steve and the boys must have been thinking backstage.

The band came on around 10pm and eased straight into "Saturation". A lovely way to start the night. A woman up front yelled "beautiful Steve", to which he replied "did you say beautiful or pitiful?". Every one assured him it was beautiful and he gave a sly smile.

"Destination" followed but without Marty's guitar. The roady madly roamed around the stage trying to fix the situation and Marty walked off in a huff. It was amazing to see Peter step forward and fill out the sound.

After the technical glitch it took the guys a few songs to get on top of things. Marty was obviously very unhappy. Fortunately by the opening strains of "Ripple" you could see his mood improving and it was all up hill from there.

There were so many great moments:

- Peter and Tim were astounding during "Never Before".

- "Unguarded Moment" provided the crowd with a chance for a drunken sing-along. Steve didn't even have to sing the final verse. He stepped back from the microphone and let us do the work for him.

- "Tomorrow" received a brilliant response from the crowd. It was encouraging to see a brand new song received so well. Marty was shining.

- Once again "Myrrh" was the key song in the set. The band hit top gear with this one and didn't let up.

- "Is This Where You Live?" was my pick of the night. The slow build up of the song was incredibly intense. Steve on acoustic, Marty bass. To my utter surprise the crowd new every word and overpowered Steve's vocal.

- They played "UTMW" straight for the first time in years. No reinterpretation. My friend commented that they actually looked like they enjoyed playing it. He was mortified a few years back when they did a very tired, half arsed version. Steve introduced the song as " a fucking Australian standard". I think the pub atmosphere rubbed off on him.

- "Block" closed the set brilliantly. The crowd was very drunk by this stage and there was no way the guys were leaving without an encore. "Reptile" was a perfect choice to cap off the night and I was surprised when they rolled straight into "Day 5". As much as I love this song it was not a great way to end the encore. The boys left the stage to a smattering of applause. The house lights came on, music started up and half the crowd left. Marty kept sticking his head out from the side of stage signalling to turn the lights off, but no one payed any attention. Finally Steve came on stage and demanded "turn off the fucking lights and music, we wanna play for another 5 minutes". Now that has to be a first. People started filing back in as they attacked "Grind" with gritted teeth. I've seen this song performed many times live, but this was by far the best. Utterly amazing!

01. Saturation
02. Destination
03. I Kept Everything
04. Nothing Seeker
05. Shadow Cabinet
06. Ripple
07. Never Before
08. The Unguarded Moment
09. Pure Chance
10. Tomorrow
11. Ionian Blues
12. Myrrh
13. Is This Where You Live?
14. Easy
15. Numbers
16. UTMW
17. Block
18. Reptile
19. Day 5
20. Grind
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