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Steve talks briefly about the band and getting along with each other Print E-mail
Thursday, 17 August 2006
Originally published in the San Francisco Chronicle.  

Eight years after they formed in Australia in 1980, the Church slipped into international mainstream recognition with their hit song "Under the Milky Way." They were young, good looking and poised to continue putting out hit songs as far as their record company was concerned. But being a pop band wasn't what the Church really had in mind.

"The Church always had room to go on and get older and wiser and bring our experience to the table instead of denying our experience and pretending that we were forever Peter Pan and singing about girls and cars. That was part of our original, unspoken manifesto: that we didn't just want to be a pop band," says lead singer and bassist Steve Kilbey. "A lot of people stopped buying our records, but there are people out there who appreciate this other kind of thing that you can bring when you have a few miles under your belt."

The Church parted with their major record label and have continued releasing music and touring throughout their career, which now spans 26 years. Kilbey describes the chemistry of the band like a four-way marriage: "As angry as I can get with the other three guys on a personal level, I can divorce that from what they can actually do as players." Kilbey's honesty about what it really takes to be successful as a band is as refreshing as the group's latest CD, "Uninvited, Like the Clouds." The songs on the release include poetic lyrics over hypnotic melodies that sometimes tease with a bit of psychedelic rock.

On this tour, the Church has chosen to play all-acoustic gigs. "Playing acoustically gives you kind of an intimacy with the crowd ... I've just felt when we've done this completely acoustic thing, we've connected with people a lot more."

When Kilbey was younger, he says connecting with the audience wasn't a priority. "It was like, 'Here I am making my noise, stand back and listen.' "

Tony DuShane

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