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Review of Marty in Temecula, California Print E-mail
Monday, 22 May 2006
Michael posted this review of Marty's concert in California wine country - sounds like a great show!

I went to see Marty Willson-Piper in of all places Temecula on Saturday. Temecula is a small city about halfway between Riverside and San Diego in Southern California. He played a special one-off show at a winery waaaaay  outside of this town. It is very easy to get lost trying to find the place, as I  found out.

Temecula is nice, lots of rolling hills. The show was in Temecula  because his solo label is based there.The winery is beautiful, and all the hills reminded me of the wine areas up north. Marty played on the patio of the wine tasting building. Tix were limited to 100 and it seemed there were at least that many there. It was the first show ever at the winery and they had a hard time getting the sound right. During the extended soundcheck Marty did bits of "San  Francisco" and "The Killing Moon". He said we would know when the real show started because he would change his shirt.  :)

He went on at 8 and  began by dedicating the show to Grant McLennan. It was a mix of old and new,  solo and Church. With a handful of "Steve songs that I do because he can't play  them!" Lot's of jokes and stories about his travels, some poetry that he likes  to mix in, and all requests. He didn't have a setlist. His "corner" of the patio  was lined by tiki torches, and the only other light away from the little  building was the light of the moon shining off the rolling hills of vines behind  him. It was unbelieveably beautiful. Almost on cue at about 8:30 a full moon  appeared above the valley. We asked Robert (he runs Marty's label and put  together the show) how much he paid for that effect.The connections he has! :)  So of course Marty launched into a full version of "Killing Moon". Beautiful!  And the full moon started the coyotes in the valley to start howling along with  the music. I took pictures with a really cheap camera and didn't quite capture  the atmosphere, anyone else have better luck out there?

The show was close to three hours. After I got to talk to Marty about  Grant. He said they had been talking about doing a poetry project. The  Church are going to do a tribute to him when they play London in a couple of  weeks. He also said they should hopefully start their US tour in SoCal at the  end of July, that they were trying to find the right venue because they want to  do something different. (Fingers crossed...go buy the new cd!)

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