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The Time Being | Steve Kilbey
  • my big fat doco
    yeah my big fat fucking doco youve heard me youve read me you looked at my paintings now watch my one n a half hour doco for the complete SK fix you know youre craving me me me me me me sigh yawn me me swimming me playing my bass me blah blah blahing on and on boy after three fucking screenings i so sick of you kilbey its a funny film ha ha ha look if you love your olde SK as you do you probably gonna love it after everything now this… it turns out im just a regular guy after all who happens to be a bit of a “genius” (chuggys words not mine) just a regular guy who plays a mean fender jazz and sings like a broken lark just another  regular angular looking idiot who wrote yer fave song (or whatever) age still not wearying me i hop about like st vitus dance motor mouthing at a hundred miles an hour narcissus yet humbly stupid and turning arrogance into your bemusement the jumped up little sod getting his comeuppance and now the bastards come good hes a regular old guy who chucked together some words and music and created empires in a few peoples heads god the ones who love me they dont ‘alf fucking love me and the ones who hate me do so with their fiercely passion but most people dont care and if i was them i probably wouldnt care either a doco thats a populist thing right? heres the populist me look i got an arc i go from one thing to another does that really happen? who am i and who are you anyway? who are we and why are we watching this doco about this geezer for gawds sake..? […]
  • man woman life death infinity * the church
    yeah ha ha such an exciting time to be a fan of ol’ SK new church album is done and (fairy) dusted its not like much that came before with its new old sound not quite one thing or another pretty different pretty fresh     another century i gotta get directions off you the mirror flare could be anywhere yeah you probably already heard this song what a great leap forward this one is definitely one of the best things the church have ever done the word brilliant springs to mind but modesty has me refrain   submarine nature loves a winner we gonna end up some creatures dinner devil loves a sinner you were on the menu youre just a beginner weird progressive kraut rock song a whole new sound here too kinda charming jammy quality   for king knife a wicked little mannikin a squirrel and a bird i heard the show will start without you a childs song a fairy tale sung with wide eyed wonder by a naughty boy naive rock and english kids books from the 1950s   undersea fly makes a honey man bee sorta i can see the water you wanna take the rest of the stuff? everybody says that we can never get enough i say to band lets imagine a brand hyped up new band is in town and youre there and they come out n play their first number so then this song is the song we were hoping to hear   before the deluge well i never really had a clue my hands so full of sandals my feet so tender bare stumble in a cyclone of drones theyre watching everything we cannot see the most typical church track travelling music dark and nasty   i dont know […]
  • oh honey
    you all know everything here is true its just the way i tell it ive been a sponge for drugs and loud rocknroll and my once brilliant mind is now dark and haunted why you know when i was twenty years ago i flew to Los Angeles and played on david neils sessions for  what would become the wilderness years but dave had a huge stack of songs and oh honey was one of them since covered by that alt country rock band whose very name keeps escaping me the truth is its daves most fantastic song and an instant classic the saddest most burnt out song you ever heard in your life i know because i played on the version that dave recorded a demo in a place on sepulveda down in santa monica or something Oh honey that sunny day just faded to a dead white gray and people say strange things to me about you all the time but it just made him too damn sad and he shelved it imagine a cross between neil young and the stones at their saddest and most regretful oh honey was a knockout this is a terrible thing to admit here but after david died i started telling people i had written this song and in my own defence i must say that the descending bass line was actually my idea dave told me steve that damn bass line IS this song now! so it isnt entirely untrue that i kinda sorta did in a way write this song plus i suggested some words which david pretended to ignore but he later secretly adapted them n then denied to all they were mine so he wasnt the angel you may think i was telling all this to the captain as […]
  • fate heeler
    i’m my dream i live this life and in my life i live this dream and now my mind is truly blown away down the street asleep at the deal i got ripped off again and again but who is the real loser? the more i shot the more i missed the more i missed the less i could bear to shoot eventually the arrows i loosed well all were lost on a train to the northern beaches to meet with my friend or on a plane sitting in business class i was trying to chat up the female pilot she came out and and talked to me too except we hit some turbulence over the indian sea an unexpected jolt and i wake up in sydney and its freezing the flowers in the vases wilting inexorably the dust and cold clutter drift away then i dream im on the phone to someone going round and round and round im speaking some other language i cant understand what im saying but this is how i am anyway jotting down phrases to regurgitate in songs and poems i strumming my guitar in Cosa Met in Thailand in a cluster of cottages just back from the sea someone yells out to shut the fuck up..! but its too hot to sleep and my friend wants to hear her song we walk down the beach but the water is so warm there are no sharks she says as i gingerly enter the black oceans maw after our swim i pick up my guitar and in some strange time signature the guitar is detuned now and im too out of it to get it back in tune i like it just as much like that anyway says my friend more gone than me i […]
Biography of Steve Kilbey has a publisher and a delay. Print E-mail
Friday, 19 May 2006
Sadly for us, though, the process of releasing the book through a Real Live Publisher will delay it until Spring 2007 (that's between March and July, northern spring). But Rob is offering a full refund or Special Bonus Item to those kind souls who pre-ordered.  Belive me, you wanna take the bonus :) Here's Rob's announcement...

Open letter to people who pre-ordered ?No Certainty Attached?:

My dear friends, 

I have some good and bad news. First, the good: My biography of Steve Kilbey, ?No Certainty Attached?, has been picked up for publication by Verse Chorus Press of Portland, OR. Verse Chorus has distribution in the US, UK, and Australia, so this is a huge deal for me. Some of you may be familiar with this company; they published David Nichols? excellent biography of the Go Betweens, along with other choice Australian fare such as Clinton Walker?s Inner City Sound and Highway to Hell: The Life and Death of AC/DC?s Bon Scott. Acclaimed crime writer Peter Doyle and US provocateur Camden Joy also have books out on Verse Chorus. Suffice to say, I will be in very good company. 

Now the bad news: publication of No Certainty Attached has been delayed until Spring-Summer 2007. While every Church fan is by now used to significant delays on albums and tours, that doesn?t make this any easier. There are a number of reasons for this schedule adjustment, most of which are out of my control. First, and most practically, Verse Chorus has a number of other projects on deck that need to be released and promoted before ?No Certainty Attached? gets its turn. Although their decision to take on my book was a shockingly fast one (the publishing industry usually moves at glacial speed), ?No Certainty? will still be subject to VCP?s standard process of rigorous editing and legal vetting. There are other, more personal factors at work as well. Steve has had some serious setbacks in the last two months?his daughters? illnesses and Grant McLennan?s death?that have prevented him from giving more of his time to the revision. He has read the most recent draft and has some important suggestions, and I would be remiss if I released the book without incorporating, or at least listening to them. Additionally, some long-sought-after sources have recently surfaced (thanks to, and I would like to include their stories in the final draft. One of the most significant of these sources is Simon Polinski?an engineer/producer who worked extensively with Steve throughout the ?90s. I believe his input to be crucial. 

As you all well know, my original intention was to release 500 copies of the book in advance of any publication deal. However, one of Verse Chorus?s stipulations in offering me the contract was that these initial 500 copies be absorbed into their first print run. The reasons are obvious: those first 500 sales will provide the crucial funds to put this book into the black. If I were to release them myself, it would make it more difficult for VCP to recoup their publication/editing costs. Obviously, because the details of the pre-sale have changed, I am willing to offer any buyer an immediate, full refund of their order, no questions asked. However, if you are willing to wait for the 2007 release, I would like to offer a special perk exclusive to the pre-orders?something to make this well worth your while. Pending Steve Kilbey?s approval, each pre-ordered copy will come with a CD containing excerpts from the 20+ hours of interviews we did for the book. This would be Steve in his own words?an oral history. I hope most of you will choose not to cancel your pre-orders and enjoy this gift, but I certainly understand if you have a change of heart.  

For those of you who decide to stick around, I will also offer a number of exclusive excerpts which will not be published online. If you have not already signed up on the mailing list, I would strongly urge you to do so (email me if you?re interested), as that is the most frequently updated source of news concerning this book. The excerpts will be sent exclusively to the mailing list.


My friends, I want you to understand that I did not take the decision to publish with Verse Chorus lightly. For one thing, I can virtually guarantee that I will make less money with a publisher than I would on my own. Self-publishing removes the middleman and is therefore quite appealing to people such as myself who came up in the DiY world. But?there are other considerations that greatly outweigh financial ambitions. For one thing, Verse Chorus has the channels to get this book reviewed in major music publications. That?s more press for the book, and, more importantly, more press for Steve Kilbey and the Church. It?s an unfair reality of the media world that self-published books are not taken seriously by reviewers. Despite the fact that the content will largely be the same, the VCP imprint will get this through doors that wouldn?t be open to me otherwise. It will be on bookshelves in Australia. will sell it. Some libraries will carry it. Also, there is the issue of legal clearance. People?s personal lives are detailed in this book, and there is likely some information that certain individuals would rather not see in print. VCP has a thorough vetting process that will insure that I?m protected from any unwarranted litigation (I don?t expect anything like that to happen, but it?s a good policy to make sure I?ve dotted my I?s and crossed my T?s in this regard) . 

So, as you can see, there is much to be excited about, but I realize this decision is also cause for some consternation. For those of you who ordered this book as a gift for someone else, I apologize. Hopefully, the delay will not inconvenience your plans. In the long run, I think we all agree that it?s better to wait for something we can be proud of than to rush a release just for the sake of meeting a deadline. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns regarding your pre-order. I hope you are all well, and I thank you, once again, for your enthusiastic support of this book. Rest assured that I will be in touch every step of the way. Spring 2007 will be here before we know it. 


Robert Lurie

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