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Brief interview before concert in Budapest Print E-mail
Thursday, 18 May 2006
If you're anywhere near Budapest on May 26th 2006 please try and get to The Church's first concert - they'd love to see you :) This was originally published in The Budapest Sun. THE Church will make its debut performance in Budapest on Friday, May 26 at the G?d?r Klub to promote the launch of its latest album Uninvited Like the Clouds, which is receiving rave reviews from critics around the world. Australian art-rock band The Church is probably best known for its 1988 hit Under the Milky Way, from its Starfish album, which featured prominently in the film Donnie Darko. Fresh from playing several sold out shows in Australia, The Church will play a special acoustic set, and will also be joined on this evening by local rock heroes Heaven Street Seven. Commenting on the Budapest show, lead singer/bassist Steve Kilbey said the band is "quite excited," and joked that they "hope there's somebody there."

Trying to explain more than 25 years of chemistry together, Kilbey said "I think, first of all, me, Peter (Koppes) and Marty (Willson Piper), the longest serving members, all kinda like each other at some level.

"I think we all respected that each of us brought a different thing to the table that the other one didn't or couldn't do.

"Marty brought his kind of slash and excitement, and intensity. Peter brought his deep musicianship, and deep sense of melody and beauty in music, and I kinda brought the lyrics and the voice and a lot of ideas about where to get things to go. And then you know Tim (Powles) came along, and brought his studio expertise, and his excellent drumming. And we still feel, and I think the audience still feels, that we have something left to give, and we still feel that we have more to give than we've already given."
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