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First ULTC concert reviewed, from Brisbane Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 March 2006
Jonathan Sargeant posted to Seance about the band's show at The Troubador in Brisbane. It's also at Hotelwomb, along with more comments from other fans.

Here's some info about the performance at The Troubadour last night here in Brisbane...

Boys were in fine acoustic form, all dressed in black. Various semi-derogatory comments during the night about the Queen. Steve as a little irritated at people talking loudly during the early songs, to the point where, mid-song, he yelled out "turn off that fucking phone you cloth-eared bint" to a lady talking noisily during a quiet moment in Grind. (also see Steve's blog...)

Having said that he was in good humour. I reckon a few years ago, if someone got him riled he would have yelled and then not said another word all night. As it was he slipped back into affable comic mode soon after. Lots of merch - new ULTC tshirts - black tees with a white album cover. Signed copies of ULTC on sale.

Set list

All I know
Unified Field (I almost didn't recognise this...where was the "I know what boys like" chorus?
Pure chance
Two places at once
Day 5

encore - Unguarded moment, (Marty had to remind Tim how to start this!)
Invisible (Steve inserts lyrics from Decadence here from Box of Birds - (brian: he also did that a couple of years ago at the Spiegeltent show in Melbourne - if anyone can mashup his songs I suppose it's gotta be him :))

Both Steve and Marty using handwritten lyric sheets on some of the new songs. Set list was just handwritten as well, which maybe suggests they might play a different set in Sydney/Melbourne?

Tim's drumming was absolutely fantastic tonight...all shades present, from the understated to the appropriately bombastic (during the noise-fest climax to Invisible). Actually this sums up the whole performance - beautifully nuanced. Peter's piano never sounded better. At one stage someone yelled out for The Disillusionist - Steve's retort - "Well you're both naive AND optimistic!"

Tin Mine looks great - only available with a ticket, not for sale at the merch. I had imagined it was just a two track cd, but instead we have an compilation artefact with 13 tracks, the last two being the unreleased ones.

The Faith Healer
The Awful Ache
Day 5
All I know (live)

Umm, what else - All of the band were chatting in the crowd before the performance. I heard Steve enthusing about his children, Marty talking about all the work in organising Tin Mine and all the merch. That's about it.

Jonathan added the next day...

My impression, even sitting in the front row with my back to the crowd was that people were massively receptive.  There was a huge reaction at the beginning of the known songs, and all songs, even the ULTC newies received an incredibly enthusiastic response as they finished.

Also, I convinced a friend to come along.  He knew only Metropilis from the setlist, but came away just raving!  He didn't shut up for the whole trip home, and, of course, I encouraged that!  "What was that song with the line about 'it remained unblessed'?  That was brilliant" he would say, and "That guitarist near us (MWP) was unbelievable.  He's playing that acoustic like an electric guitar!" He was surprised he didn't snap it in two.

One other memory - Steve changed the phrasing of *that* line from Block to make it a little more friendly to the ears.

Jonathan S

Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 March 2006 )
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