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    this aint the northern hemisphere and here summer rules in royal blue and bursting green the surfers surf the dealers deal the users use the bills hit your  letterbox damp from the torrentials my back courtyard is an alluvial plain peopled by bugs and ants and spiders and snails and slugs the plants go on growing the cactus out from thorns spring delicate unanticipated flowers i smoke my weed i swim my laps i meet my friends i struggle with my money i get behind on everything i get confused by everything my mother has finally succumbed to forgetfulness and is going out now on a wave of mixed up memories the cafes are full a new one seems to spring up each day and there are the cashed up geezas and their bints sipping their java and munching on the smashed avocado on spelt bread that night they will drink boutique beers and snort some heavy cut coke through a rolled up ubiquitous fifty dollar bill they will watch net flix and order a svens pizza they will go to a bar where they have to shout over the music i have forgotten how i arrived in this place here in this peaceful warm bedroom where i sit and type and type there was music there was drugs there was violence there were crowds there were cops there was sex there was  a limo and an ambulance you were rich poor in the middle totally bankrupt its always summer you pickup your girlfriend in your datsun 120b you could get your bass amp cabinets in there dad always puts too much chlorine in the pool and your eyes are always red your nose is crimson with sunburn russell and johns hair has been bleached white by the summer and […]
  • bank error in your favour
    in the darkness before i was born in the oblivion that spawned me whole again and again to sing to steal to hammer my bass where the vortex sucked and the whirlpool engulfing before i was me before i was you before i was all of them in a moment of capture in the high resolution of the first rays of knowledge as the magic attacked my bones and i lost my mind and i lost my mind at a servo and i was swimming in the blackest sea and stuff was grabbing at my legs and women were slapping me around on the end of my leash and the eternal eludes us of necessity and the impermanence of absolutely everything you can name it was lovely to sink into it all they were singing lovely music in my ears as i sank fathoms it was my dream it was my life it was all made up and yes i was earnestly hemming away the evening of silk and i was moving away from the light of the day and i was fixed on a star and set over the city gates and the people at my shows shook all their heads anxiety was riding high on a roll the lightning jabbed the horizon the thunder fell down on coogee beach where the shadows are suntanned and within the whispers you can hear the sea the summer had us by the scalp and the hairdresser did the blonde streaks with a sneer and the magazines were so way out of date and the cigarette smoke curled like a beggar around a coin the screeching tyres and seagulls on arden street its a fish n chips kind of night i glide on the wheels of imagination through the surging crowds who […]
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    yeah my big fat fucking doco youve heard me youve read me you looked at my paintings now watch my one n a half hour doco for the complete SK fix you know youre craving me me me me me me sigh yawn me me swimming me playing my bass me blah blah blahing on and on boy after three fucking screenings i so sick of you kilbey its a funny film ha ha ha look if you love your olde SK as you do you probably gonna love it after everything now this… it turns out im just a regular guy after all who happens to be a bit of a “genius” (chuggys words not mine) just a regular guy who plays a mean fender jazz and sings like a broken lark just another  regular angular looking idiot who wrote yer fave song (or whatever) age still not wearying me i hop about like st vitus dance motor mouthing at a hundred miles an hour narcissus yet humbly stupid and turning arrogance into your bemusement the jumped up little sod getting his comeuppance and now the bastards come good hes a regular old guy who chucked together some words and music and created empires in a few peoples heads god the ones who love me they dont ‘alf fucking love me and the ones who hate me do so with their fiercely passion but most people dont care and if i was them i probably wouldnt care either a doco thats a populist thing right? heres the populist me look i got an arc i go from one thing to another does that really happen? who am i and who are you anyway? who are we and why are we watching this doco about this geezer for gawds sake..? […]
  • man woman life death infinity * the church
    yeah ha ha such an exciting time to be a fan of ol’ SK new church album is done and (fairy) dusted its not like much that came before with its new old sound not quite one thing or another pretty different pretty fresh     another century i gotta get directions off you the mirror flare could be anywhere yeah you probably already heard this song what a great leap forward this one is definitely one of the best things the church have ever done the word brilliant springs to mind but modesty has me refrain   submarine nature loves a winner we gonna end up some creatures dinner devil loves a sinner you were on the menu youre just a beginner weird progressive kraut rock song a whole new sound here too kinda charming jammy quality   for king knife a wicked little mannikin a squirrel and a bird i heard the show will start without you a childs song a fairy tale sung with wide eyed wonder by a naughty boy naive rock and english kids books from the 1950s   undersea fly makes a honey man bee sorta i can see the water you wanna take the rest of the stuff? everybody says that we can never get enough i say to band lets imagine a brand hyped up new band is in town and youre there and they come out n play their first number so then this song is the song we were hoping to hear   before the deluge well i never really had a clue my hands so full of sandals my feet so tender bare stumble in a cyclone of drones theyre watching everything we cannot see the most typical church track travelling music dark and nasty   i dont know […]
The Church perform at Commonwealth Games opening ceremony Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 March 2006

[March 15th] You can watch what happened at  In the list on the right of the screen, scroll to the entry that mentions The Church. It all looks pretty cool, in a cold, white sort of way :) Wish the band had been shown a bit more, though!

ONE of Australia's most enduring bands, the Church, played for the masses at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in March 2006. Steve has been dropping hints in the last couple of days that the band are in Melbourne and rehearsed at the stadium, so tune in for the ceremony and enjoy the band's performance...and remember that a BILLION people are watching The Church!

Originally published at

Church on a mass mission

By Peter Ker

December 14, 2005 ONE of Australia's most enduring bands, the Church, will play for the masses at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Secrecy cloaks both the opening and closing ceremonies, which have a combined budget of $50 million. But The Age can reveal the involvement of The Church, who rose to prominence in the 1980s with hits such as Unguarded Moment and Under the Milky Way. The band recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and will launch a new album, Uninvited, Like the Clouds, in March.

The opening ceremony will be held at the MCG on March 15, and the closing ceremony on March 26. Yesterday members of the Church were unable to confirm their role in the Games.

"As far as I know we are not competing in any events," joked Tim Powles, drummer, pianist and producer.

The Church will arrive in Melbourne within the next 24 hours for gigs at the Corner Hotel in Richmond tomorrow night, and a sold-out appearance at The Famous Spiegeltent on Friday. The signing of the Church to the ceremonies program has re-ignited concerns in artistic circles that Melbourne 2006 organisers may be trying to bully performers into working in the two ceremonies for nopayment. The Church were reluctant to perform for no fee but agreed to an "improved" offer. That offer remained unconfirmed yesterday, but Melbourne 2006 chairman Ron Walker was adamant that just participating in such an event was incentive enough.

"No professional performer is being paid," he said. "It's not exploitative at all. It's a case of performers serving their country and having the honour of serving their country in the same way the volunteers are serving their country."

The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance ruled out a blanket ban on performers working for free at the ceremonies.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 March 2006 )
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