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Review of Brisbane gig, Nov 24 2005 Print E-mail
Friday, 25 November 2005

This was posted by Jonathan Sargeant to the Seance mailing list.


Here's a little report from last night's gig in Brisbane. Lots of merch on sale, though no Block ep - the 25 anniversary shirt is black and features every album cover stacked up in rows above a countdown list of numbers of gigs, strings broken, car crashes, overdoses, daughters etc

So the band were in absolutely fine spirits, Steve in his affable comedian mode. The venue was sold out, and was seated, which contributed to a laid back vibe, amphitheatre seating behind tables and chairs. The band started late; downstairs at another part of the venue, some glitterati fashion parade was happening and you could feel the doof doof music through the floor.

Eventually it was announced that the band were not prepared to play with that noise coming through the floorboards. 25 minutes later they took to the low stage. All resplendent in...white. I mean ALL in white - shirts and jeans! That was a shock, but they looked great. Seriously, Steve looks so healthy he should be leading Aerobics Oz Style. A 20 song set saw the band swapping instruments incessantly, so much so that the set list has a complicated schedule for every song explaining who should be playing what.

At first I wondered if the band were going to play EMD in its entirety!

Unguarded moment

0408 - achingly beautiful

day 5 - only song from ULTC - sounds great - I haven't heard Block but shouldn't this be a single?


Chrome - Marty gets the big Steve intro, which he's been refining for a few years now.

All I know

violettown - "This is only the second time we've done this live," according to Steve.

cows - Steve jokes about the alt-country nature of this song, plus nicole kidman (who's just become engaged or married or whatever to Keith Urban, a country musician). He jokes that he accidentally shot up one of her botox injections and his arm was frozen for a year.

new season - Peter gets the Steve-intro treatment. Peter played a lot of keyboards tonight - in about 10 of the songs. Tim played keys in four songs.

don't look back - gets a big cheer from the crowd. peter plays slide here and it sounds terrific.

almost with you - "It blows my mind what a mega-f*cking huge hit this was!" says Steve. His deprecating humour stirred the crowd on to make many comments - some guy yells out, "Best guitar solo ever!" Steve tells us later, that all the jokes, including the crowd comments are scripted, and the vocal audience members are actors from sydney who travel with the band

2 places at once - Steve starts with Tim, for a few bars before Peter starts at the piano and it becomes apparent Steve is in the wrong key! he looks around at peter and says, "Have it your way" and corrects himself to laughter from the audience. Marty chimes in, "I'll just wait 'till you guys get this settled before I come in!" Even in acoustic mode, the song is expansive, and sounds brilliant.

tristesse - Steve - "Some one told me they named their daughter tristesse. I asked him if he knew what it means and he said no it just sounds nice. Peter (to Steve)- I never told you this but someone named their dog, kilbey! Steve - well they named the police force Koppes. Somewhere in all this musichall humour - Marty says, "It seems a shame to play a song!" Peter plays mandolin.

Maya - somehow the arrangement here makes Maya sound like a not-so-distant sister to tristesse. the 2 songs went very well together. Crowd seems just as appreciative of songs like this as they do of the older, more -well known numbers


milky way

sealine - it looks like the setlist is adjusted from what it might have been last night. Sealine was between tristesse and Maya. now its here and Grind is crossed out.

just for you - "Someone said we play too many sad songs so here's some celtic jollity", says Steve.

invisible - I may be getting mixed up but this song contained bits of emerson lake and palmer.

Constantinople - big finish, the song played at double speed. Steve broke a string in invisible and it takes a while to replace it on the 12 string. There's an extended comedy routine. Steve grabs a different guitar as Marty suggests playing another song. Steve picks up the bass and says, You start anything and I'll just join in" Marty starts playing something very complicated by Yes, leaving Steve dumbfounded. eventually the 12 string is fixed, but Steve doesn't notice and keeps on chatting.

I used to worry after shows in the last decade - would this be the last? - have they had enough?. More recently, and especially in tonight's show, they seemed to be having great fun. It's hard to imagine them not being around for years to come.

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