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Steve reviews Metro by Metro Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 October 2002
This was published on Oct 22nd, 2002 on

Released in 1976 on Transatlantic, this English bands debut album made little impression on anybody at the time. I never even saw one review for this album. Its one single ?Criminal World? was banned in England for the line, ?She?ll show you where to shoot your gun? not for its overt eroticism but such was the sensitivity to any mention of weapons due to the ?troubles? in Northern Ireland. I bought this record after it was mentioned in a review of another obscure album (The Humours of Lewis Furey) and I rather liked the cover, which was two ponced up young men sitting in deck chairs, smoking and coming over all ?continental?.

Well, anyway this is an exquisitely produced album of lush soft-focus Euro rock with lots and lots of intricate guitar o.dubs and bits and pieces. Peter Godwin?s silky, slightly raspy voice spins tales of Parisienne seductions, as he drifts through the bedrooms of one femme fatale after another.

?I?m sliding with the rain across your window, I?m lost in the sheets and the rain won?t lead me home?.

?Don?t speak only touch you said don?t watch me too much you said?.

... and my favorite,

?You are only special and your curfew is your charge, but you will not be naked when you shed your entourage?.

Under and above Godwin?s sibilant whispering, sighs and entreaties, the late Duncan Browne on every type of guitar and effect you can imagine, picks, strums, solos and provides lovely virtuoso backgrounds for these songs to inhabit.

A third member Sean Lyons, only seen in the inner fold out cover looking extremely young, adds to the luxuriant undergrowth of guitar o.dubs and occasionally contributing to the songwriting.

The songs themselves have some nice atmospheres and arrangements that have still got me listening to it and enjoying it nearly 30 years later; some of it a little dated, some quite fresh and innovative. So if you?re ever looking for music for a rainy romantic night with that someone special, then Metro could be a good place to start ? if you can find it.

Highly recommended indeed ? essential stuff!

Duncan Browne left Metro after this album and made two wonderful solo albums before dying tragically of cancer.

Peter Godwin and Sean Lyons formed a laughable ?punk? band called Public Zone that released one hideous, hilariously awful single actually included on this CD version, and it?s a real stinker after the suave soothing sounds of Metro.
Godwin then formed various incarnations of Metro, but it was all to no avail without Duncan Browne?s particular take on the whole thing. In fact it was now lackluster ?new wave? romantic filler.

David Bowie covered ?Criminal world? out of the blue on his mega selling ?Let?s Dance? album and made the boys comfortable for a while.

Peter Godwin had a minor hit with the impressive ?Images Of Heaven? in the early eighties before disappearing eventually and entirely.

Vale Metro!

Comments on this review

from SCOTLAND - "duncan browne was the guitarist i wanted to be. this album and db's 2 solo lps are worth keeping the record deck for"

from TORONTO - "i've been listening to this album for almost 30 years, and it still sounds good. check out the Duncan Browne solo albums too!"

from LI,NY,USA - "Glad this elpee is not LONG forgotten!! Glad to see the Images.. namecheck also! EXQUISITE single there!"

from LIVERPOOL, UK - "I'll be checking this out, sounds very interesting."

from AUSTRALIA - "I just have to look into these guys - how could anyone resist those lyrics?! "

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