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Another Church Mash: This time its major! Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 November 2005
[V2.0 Nov 30th] This is another mashup, a mix of lots of Church and solo songs, that blend together quite nicely.  Copyright remains, as always, with The Church, but I hope you enjoy it! Right-click here and save the file onto your computer.

Now at Version 2.0, with more Metropolis, some Interlude and Goliath, and a better structure in the intro.

This one was a lot harder to complete than the first one, mainly because I took a wrong turn when I began and it took a while to recognize the error and find a way around it.  I also didn't want to use any of the songs I included in the first mashup and I wanted the result to be in a major (happy, smiley) key instead of minor. It was also hard to find vocals I could use. Here's a list of the songs used:

Metropolis, acoustic: A big thank you to the band for mixing this track from El Momento Descuidado in such a way that the left speaker was almost all "vocal only".  It's in the key of E, and vocals don't pitch-shift well as instruments, so the whole piece is in E.  I was originally going to only use the first verse, but I realized with some pitch-shifting of other samples, I might be able to use the whole song, basically. That was really good, because otherwise I didn't really have any other vocals to use.

Invisible: This is one of my favourite lyrics and with a bit of EQ the vocals are usable. Sadly, this song is in D major, so I had to shift it up a tone, which makes it sound a bit squeaky.  This whole mash went between D and E major several times as I kept changing my mind about which samples to use. It quietly echoes itself in the right speaker too.

Adelle Yvonne: The beautiful opening to this song fits with the middle eight of Metropolis (with one note needing to be removed). This is from Marty's "Spirit Level" album.

0408: The opening bass notes, and one variation on it, were going to be the backbone of this mashup, but after weeks of fiddling with it I realized it wasn't going to work. I ended keeping it though and using it in a different way.

Caravan: Peter's solo work, as good as it is, didn't offer much to be sampled.  The opening low note, with accompanying rumble/wobble, makes a great foundation for this piece from the Water Rites album.  I pitch shift it up a tone a few times in this mash, and the whole thing changes feel...bass is important :)

Say: The opening choral harmonies from this Marty Willson-Piper song give a lovely ethereal atmosphere. The harmony has a ninth in it, I think, so it's not a "square" fit (i.e root and fifth), but if used in moderation its really nice.

Kings: My favourite Church song! I've used the two variations of the opening part of the song, which provides the steady, quiet ticking rhythm.

Favourite Pack of Lies: This song from Steve's Slow Crack album has a good strong percussive rhythm to go with the melody.

Bel-Air: The opening riff from this actually fits with the Metropolis chorus, with a bit of editing and pitch-shifting.

A New Season and Into My Hands: Riffs from these two Church songs fit together perfectly to give the intro and outro to this mashup.

After Eight: Marty's delivery of a lovely E major arpeggio figure went anywhere I needed it. This is from the Hanging out in Heaven album.

Electric Lash: The simple two chord arpeggio gives a nice "sing-song/lullaby" feel when its used at the start of the "Invisible" vocals.

Life Speeds Up: The swirly keyboard bit at the start.

After I stopped trying to get everything to work against "0408" and brought in the rest of the Metropolis vocals this only took a few hours to all fall into place.  I think this is my last Church mashup since there's not enough left to raid (unless some multi-tracks find their way to me ;) ).  I hope you've enjoyed them both, I've certainly had a great time making them.

Last Updated ( Monday, 12 December 2005 )
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