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Marty at the Sandringham Hotel Print E-mail
Friday, 18 November 2005
Originally posted at by metalpetal and captain mission - I hope it's ok that I copied your reviews to here :)

Marty at the Sando - metalpetal
30 Sept 2005

He played for hours, told funny stories, chided anyone who didn?t own This Mortal Coils? It?ll end in Tears. He was a hoot.

Nursing an obviously very bad back, the joy of performance took over; ?If this was the 60s I?d play until 4 in the morning.? We were even treated to an impersonation of Kate Bush?s Wuthering Heights, complete with choreography. Yes!

It was a wonderful, intimate performance. MWP?s avoidance of personal issues in media interviews does not extend to his live shows. The song about the girl who dumped him before she even met him led to a great spiel about women hating their exes ? with no willing admissions from the female members of the audience. Including me (it was true at the time but changed a few days later when I found out two of them are about to get married. Grrr.)

But onto the music? songs I had never liked much before have now come alive. The whole show was great. He opened with Chromium, which was brilliant (Don?t you hate it when you spend the whole gig waiting for your favourite song? Problem solved!)

I am completely hopeless at remembering song lists and so I won?t even try. But why isn?t this man rich? He is a great writer, a great player a lovely singer.

Sacred cows covered included Song to the Siren (along with a great story about Tim Buckley changing the words at the insistence of the record company owner?s wife) a Beatles song and a Big Star song.

I took a friend who was not a fan. A friend whose musical reference points sorta began and ended with Boy George. I gave him the heads up on Anthony and the Johnsons way ahead of the pack and now my judgment is trusted. It took the first couple of bars of the first song for him to turn to me and say, ?Now I get it!? I have since never heard then end of the fact that he spoke to Marty at the bar and I didn?t! A convert!!!

With so many solo shows going on at the moment I am so bloody sorry I left Sydney when I did. Get to one if you can.

Thursday - Captain Mission

That sounded so wonderful, I took the night off work to make this Thursday's show, and let me just say, Marty and the Moon Maidens were pretty spectacular, unfortunately I did not grab a set list, but he played pretty much a good selection from the list above, plus a few new tunes that were gorgeous. And then to top it all played 'Into My Hands' which was a real blast from the past. I managed to score a seat right at the front with fellow Womber Cathy (not Sue) from Canberra, who I have to say is an even bigger Church Fan than I am, and that's pretty amazing.

Well not only were we gifted with some truly brilliant music but with intermittent poems and anecdotes, ranging from Crop Circles, Jet Propelled Frozen Chickens, Love and Death and a joke I cannot recall at all but was quite funny at the time.

Marty also said he had had a busy day and announced that Steve and partner had a baby girl. That makes 11 girls produced by the band. Marty went on to say that was why they formed a band in the first place, 'To get girls.'

Anyway once again I walked off into the night a very happy chap, I tell you these guys should really have their own tv show. Sort of like the Monkees did, but updated for a smarter audience, a bit more philosophical and esoteric, more humour and better songs.
Well anyways I will be back next week, sitting down the front, so if anyone wants to say hi, I am possibly the darkest guy in the room

Last Updated ( Friday, 18 November 2005 )
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