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Pat's review of Back With Two Beasts Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 November 2005

OK, here are my thoughts on FIRST listen (I
jotted them down as I listened. I expect I'll
change my mind after a few more.):

SNOWFALLER (5:41) - It starts with SK singing
almost on the first note. It's not a JAM not like
on JAMMED. Typical SK Love Song, very Pretty. It
turns more Atmospheric as it goes on. (On
subsequent listens it impresses me even more).

PANTECHNICON (6:22) - Interesting Lyrics. Vocal
effect on SK's vocal. Great Song. Simple Music.
This may be my favorite track on the album.

UNRELIABLE EXTERNAL (5:02) - Again a Vocal Effect
on SK's Voice. David described the Album's sound
as SONIC. I wasn't sure what he meant, but
listening to this song I think I get it. It's
hard to explain. The music seems less complicated
(although all the elements are there). The longer
the song goes on the more I like it. SK's vocals
take a back seat. The music builds. Reminds me of
"Warm Spell."

PEARLS (6:36) - "Till the Cows Come Home"-ish.
It's the song that most invokes the cover to me.
Again the longer I listen to the song the more I
like it (the Lyrics need alot of thought). The
Piano comes in at the (False) end. The song then
continues to drift on musically.

SATURATION (5:42) - The Music seems off-key
(after listening some more it seems like that on
several tracks - though not an unpleasant sound)
and seems to struggle against it self. Sounds
almost Live. Strange Song, I like it but it's
different. The Music makes me drift. I'm LOVING
This Album! T-Rex Type Lyrics? Reminds me of the
Lyrics on "November." I wonder if this is the
kind of Lyrics on ULTC?

HEADING SOUTH (4:37) - Echo on SK's Vocal. He
seems disconnected. Slightly off-key Jazzy or
maybe a slow Disco number? It's a slow paced
b-side. The wailing guitar is punctuated by what
I assume is Marty's guitar plucking. It sounds
nice to concentrate on. Then Steve's Bass comes
in. Ending Abruptly.

IONIAN BLUES (3:40) - Song 7, Album almost over.
This song is a shorter song coming in at under 4
minutes. Again it has an almost Live feeling. It
reminds me of "Reversal" or "Summer" from FY. Sad
Lyrics (is that why it's called Ionian BLUES?).
Again the further I get in the song the more I
like it. Over too soon.

ANTHEM X (5:48) - "Serpent Easy" kind of opening.
Steve's vocal comes in quick. He seems to be
singing from another dimension. It's hard to hear
what he's singing. David's favorite song.
Positive Song? It does seem to be an Anthem to
human life. Another False Ending. Almost an
Instrumental with SK singing in the background.
Nice track.

NIGHT-SEQUENCE (20:01) - Everything David told
you is true! It's about an Actor who's in a Movie
about You! There is a countdown into the song. I
can almost believe this is a Jam with SK Lyrics
over it (Could this be a Jam cleaned up?). The
most Jammed Like song. "Triumph (Poem) Jam" was
the original name I heard for this song and of
all of the titles it's the one that intrigued me
the most. It's almost as if SK is making comments
on what's happening (but it's obviously a story).
Fun Song. I like how SK puts ME in the Story as
well as himself. Very "Trippy." I've heard Steve
likes long songs, he must love this one! If you
didn't know it was 20 minutes song you'd keep
waiting for it to end. WOW! "I Can't Believe They
Even Knew Where You Live" (Is This Where You
Live?). Oh My God! It's hard to tell when they
are acting and when it's real life. The Album
reminds me a little of "The Refo:mation" album,
this song in particular. They are experimenting
with this track. SK finishes his vocal and the
song goes on for another 3 1/2 minutes.

I DON'T KNOW (2:01) - The shortest song on the
album. Almost feels like an Instrumental (SK's
vocal chatters on in the background). Again SK's
Voice is treated. On most CHURCH albums this song
would be the ending Instrumental. The Song ends
abruptly and thus ends the Album abruptly!


More like "Beside Yourself" than "Jammed." It has
a sound that Simple and Different. It feels like
a compilation album. At least the Songs don't
flow together. Can we assume the sound will be
like this on ULTC? Also I agree the lettering is
hard to read (breasts and all).

The More I Listen, the More I LOVE IT!!!

These are just me FIRST Listening babblings,
don't take them to seriously.

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