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Robert Lurie reads from Kilbey biography Print E-mail
Friday, 04 November 2005
On November 3rd, 2005 I had the pleasure of attending the first reading from Robert Lurie's book No Certainty Attached, where he read three excerpts from his coming biography of Steve Kilbey.  It's real, it's well-written and it's nearly finished.

The reading was hosted by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where Robert is completing his Masters degree.  The biography of Steve Kilbey is his thesis and is far more than a fan-written biography. Appropriate care and guidance from people who love literature has made this the kind of well-written biography that Steve deserves.

The event consisted of readings approximately 15-20 minutes long from three readers.  Just between you and me, I think Robert was the best reader; he really enjoyed being on stage and read in a loud, confident voice and I heard more than one comment afterwards from people that intended to go and buy "Starfish" to see what had started Robert out on such an interesting journey.

The book describes Steve's life and career and also the impact of The Church's music on Robert's life. Hearing the Starfish album was a formative moment for him, as he told us, and set his ambition on being a singer-songwriter.  He had the crowd laughing as he described how a low-point in Steve's career allowed the peak of Robert's nascent career to intersect briefly, when he opened a show for Steve in London.

The three excerpts he read described Richard Ploog's joining the band, Steve and Marty's experience with the largesse and generosity of a music business executive in Malibu, and another about Robert's experience working with Steve on the book. He also gave the audience some information about the band, addressing the "Spinal Tap" nature of the band's four drummers alluded to by his professor's introductory remarks, and the impact of "Starfish" on his 13 year-old mind.  All the readings were well-written and felt like good story-telling to me, and I think the audience agreed.

I think it's worth re-iterating what a serious project this is.  The sheer volume of information Robert collected is impressive enough, but the careful editing and attention to balance in the book will make it, I think, a very interesting read for anyone interested biography, rock music or just the life of a person who has led an interesting life.  Editing has taken a long time, and lets not forget the book is being judged by people who aren't necessarily Church fans: they're not going to let it through unless its a good, solid work that the University itself is happy with and not just a big glop of Church 'n' Kilbey facts and stories.

So there you have it: the book should be out...erm...well, Robert kind of confused me a bit on this!  There's a deadline at the University for the thesis to be completed (December), but Robert talked about adding more detail, perhaps another hundred pages, as the density noticeably thins out after Priest=Aura (1992), before releasing the book to the wider world.

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