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Steve and Tim talk about videos on MaxTV Print E-mail
Friday, 15 April 2005
Danny posted these comments about Steve and Tim's appearance on "My Top 11" on Australian cable television. Steve and Tim joined host Andrew Mercado on Max TV (Foxtel Cable) last Thursday to discuss all things Church, the Oz Music Industry and play their favourite music videos. Interview was filmed in Nov 2004 just as Steve and Tim were putting the finishing touches to next album (..adding the fairy dust as Steve put it). When asked where Pete and Marty were SK & Tim both laughed and said they were naughty school boys for leaving before the term was up.

Their favourite 11 videos were then played as follows-

Spaceman - Babylon Zoo (SK)
When Doves Cry - Prince (TP)
The Boy in the Bubble - Paul Simon (SK)
Jet - Paul McCartney & Wings (TP)
Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins (SK)
When You Come - Crowded House (TP)
Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack (SK)
Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden (TP)
Space Odyssey - David Bowie (SK)
Science Fiction - Divinyls (TP)
Kelly Watch the Stairs - Air (SK)

In the case of Steve most songs have a futuristic feel about them, and whilst they are not necessarily his favourite bands he thought the film clips were all excellent and suited the songs well. Tim didn't care much for the videos but added he really liked all the artists he picked. For the those that didn't know Tim did a brief stint drumming for the Divinyls before he joined the Church. Also told a funny story about lead singer Chrissie Amphlett.

Overall this was an excellent 90 minutes of TV and Steve in particular was in fine form telling many a funny story. Some notable topics were-

When asked about their own videos Steve said he really hated the whole process and thinks the band looked really stupid in most of the ones they made. He really liked Tantalised though and thought that came together really well. The clip was shot by an American couple in Sydney (*Pyrmont & Kings Cross) and most of it ended up being shot by the Pizza Delivery Boy who turned up and found himself behind the camera :rollin . SK said it worked really well, but when they tried to repeat the process for the next clip - Columbus (shot in America) it failed dismally and they ended up looking like knuckleheads. The host Andrew was in stitches and said that there is a big market for bands now to release all their videos on DVD with additional commentary from the band about the whole process. I have to agree - this was the funniest thing I have ever heard Steve talk about and it would be a good idea to get his views on all the videos.

SK also spoke about the formulative days of the band and appearing on Countdown. They first appeared on a Sunday nite, then next friday night their regular gig in Annandale was packed to the rafters. SK said the pub owner kept saying - here man, take some more money but don't fucking tell anyone alright ;) (He then looked sheepishly at the camera and realised he'd sworn on National TV :o ).

A few jabs at Jet (grossly overrated Aussie band), and they laughed about James Blundell covering The Unguarded Moment and travelling around regional and outback Australia. SK said they didn't go over well in the country and only stayed in the 4 main Oz cities these days. SK reckons his mum thinks they should be like Thorpie (Billy, not Ian) and played the golden oldies cabaret circuit, but its hard to be taken seriously if you want to come back with new material.

Andrew discussed the last few albums to-date and SK said they were just branching out from Forget Yourself, but Uninvited Like The Clounds is now the main focus with this project being The Head were all the Resin is :hat (Full electric and the band is very excited about this one).

Lots of funny stories and anecdotes and well worth watching. For Aussie viewers it is being repeated again on Sunday night at 9-30pm.

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